Friday, May 2, 2008

Crap...I'm gonna be THAT dad

I am not really a worrier. When things are worrisome, I approach them with an "it is what it is" attitude. If it's good, great. If it's bad, we'll deal with it.

Well...I would like to point out change #1 in Jason's journey to becoming a father. I am now, officially, a worry wort.

You may have read about all my worries from before. Worries that turned out to be for nothing. Well...over the past week, I have had a new one.

So, last week, a few days after the ultrasound, we got a call for the scheduler at the doctors office. The scheduler says, "Dr. Okorn would like to get you back in for another ultrasound and some lab work."

Immediately, the thoughts were, "OMG, we just had an ultrasound. Why do they want another one so soon? The baby must have Downs Syndrome."


So, I started asking all my recently or currently pregnant friends what they think of this. Is this normal? Could something be wrong? What could they have seen? I would like to credit Rachelle with the line that calmed me down.

"They were throwing you a bone at the first one since you were worried. This one is official."

That makes sense. They didn't really take any measurements other than head to butt. They basically just checked the heart beat, made about 2 measurements, and gave us a couple pics. There's really no reason to be freaking out. Our doctor probably thinks we're psycho.

I've concluded that I will be one of those dads. The one who will be up until 3 in the morning and have the "do you know how worried your mother and I have been about you" speech ready to go.

Oh...and, my favorite line right now when Shaundar says, "'s not happy right now." Or, "Baby's hungry" or something like that: "Baby...if you don't settle down, I'm going to send you to your womb!"

This is always met with the standard rolling of my wife's eyes.

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