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Desmond ate a sardine today

I dared Desmond to eat a sardine.  If he did, I told him he would get a Mixel!  Kid must really love Mixels...cuz here's what happened:

sardines from Jason Pankow on Vimeo.

Reviving the X-Files?????

It's been rumored for a while!  Now, it's official!!!  FOX is reviving my favorite show of ALL TIME...The X-Files!!!

I've been asked my thoughts on this.  So, here you go!

I was an X-Phile since the very beginning.  I started watching in High School.  I was pretty active in extra curricular stuff in HS (you, theatre, flirting with chick).  Back in the days of VCRs, I had a tape labeled with "The X-Files."  Everyone in the house knew that this tape was not to be used for ANYTHING else.  Because, no matter what I had going on, I would NOT miss a single episode of Mulder and Scully's search for the Truth!!!

Fast forward to college, I continued to be obsessed.  I even drug my dorm mates into my obsession.  We would get together in Michael Paine's room across the hall (I didn't have a TV in my room) and watch.

Even in the end, when it started to get lame (particular during the Agents Doggett and Gish year), I watched...even if I was surfing th…

George R.R. Martin - The Best Lazy Writer in the 7 Kingdoms

I love the Game of Thrones TV show as well as the Song of Ice and Fire series that it's based on. 
Years ago, when GOT first aired, I didn't watch it.  I was familiar with the books, but I had never read them.  GOT started getting amazing reviews and many of my friends were blowing up social media every episode talking about how great it was.  So...I gave it a shot.  After 2 episodes, I was like, "Why in the heck would I want to watch this show?  It's sooooooo depressing!"
One of my friends (I wish I could remember who it was) said to me, "Have you read the books?  If not, you should read the books."
Challenge accepted.  I picked up the first book in the Song of Ice and Fire.  A book coincidentally entitled Game of Thrones!
Game of Thrones is not a short book.  Actually, it's rather lengthy.  But, I cranked through it in about 3 weeks.  The book was AWESOME!  Easily one of the best fantasies I have read.  Granted, I don't read a ton of fantasy.  Dra…

Mission Success - Weekend with the future inlaws/step-grandparents

A couple weeks ago, Kim, Desmond and I spent the weekend in the Tri-Cities.

What are the Tri-Cities you ask?  Well...they are cities...and there are 3 of them.

One of these cities is called Richland!  It gets it's name from the Rich people that settled the land.  Or something.

Anywho...this is where Kim hails from.  It is also where her folks are.  So, we decided to throw some bags in the car and hike on over the mountains for some good ol' Tri-Cities fun!

I love Kim's folks.  I could go on and on about why they're rad, but my hands can only handle so much typing.  You'll get the gist of some of it by the end of this post, I think.

You may (or may not) know that my kid gets super shy.  He's a total introvert.  Until he gets to know you, then you can't shut him up.  He has met Pam and Clark (Kim's parental units) a few times before, but it's only been for an hour here, 2 hours there...not much consecutive time.  So, Kim and I were a tad nervous tha…

Your days are numbered, Leprechaun!!!

Des set a trap for the leprechaun.  Unfortunately, the leprechaun outsmarted him.  Took all the Corn Pops out and stuck Desmond's pet rock Bob in there instead (Bob deserves a blog post of his own).  Then, the leprechaun proceeded to pee in our toilet!  Bastard!

March Family Picture

Tried to snap a picture with just me and Kim this time.  Looks like we were photobombed by a Leprechaun. 

Just got back from a fun trip to see Kim's fam in the Tri-Cities.  More to come on that soon.

It's Ok to Call Your Kid an Asshole

Not to his face of course.  But,'s ok to call your kid an asshole.

I was having a conversation with a friend, recently.  We were talking about how, despite how awesome and rewarding parenting is overall, there are times, certain times that are unavoidable, where you look at your kid, your amazing little man or lady, this person who you love unconditionally, and you think to yourself, " are being a total asshole!"

I think a lot of parents feel obligated to always think their kids are angels.  And, even during those occasional times when our kids are clearly NOT angels (you know, those times when you contemplate calling an exorcist because your flesh and blood is screaming at you because you won't let them stay up with you while you watch the Walking Dead, or when it seems like they have been taken over by a Tasmanian devil who loves to spin around the room making unrecognizable noises and making a bigger mess than Kevin Federline leaving a relati…

Make It Rain - Mobile Game - PG-13 rated post

I recently came across this game on my beloved Windows Phone called Make It Rain.

The gist of Make it Rain is that you try to get as much money as possible.  That's it.  You do this by dragging your finger across the wad of bills in a "Making it Rain" fashion.  I'm not really sure how to describe this for my older readers.  Maybe there is a YouTube clip out there.

Anyway...the game is rather addicting for something that really has no end goal.  It's funny how monotony can be so enticing.

There is an ad for the game on YouTube.  It's rather funny, but also has a sexual undertone.  So, if you're easily offended (Mom), you may not want to watch.

As one who is not easily offended, I chuckled.

But, what I really wanted to point out was how, while this ad is clearly aiming for immature laughs...THIS IS ACTUALLY A LEGITIMATE PROBLEM WITH THIS GAME!!!

I realized this recently when I was waiting for the Microsoft bus to arrive.  I am sitting in the Park and Ride,…

Jason's Stage Review - Cinderella! But, mostly a complaint about dumb parents.

I am a proud season ticket holder at the Paramount, a beautiful theater in downtown Seattle where professional Broadway troupes frequently bring their touring shows.

Most recently, Kim and I took Desmond to see Cinderella!

My review: It was great! I love fairy tails and princesses (which is probably the reason why 60% of my college buddies thought I was gay...the other 35% being because I love Madonna and the remaining 5% being something to do with the fact that I wore a belt...because only gay dudes where belts, or something).  I was very much looking forward to this show.  Now, this wasn't the Disney version. It was Rogers and Hammerstein.  This means that there was no Bibbity Bobbity Boo happening.

Still, it was great.  Much better than the Disney cartoon, actually.  I am curious if the live action movie coming soon from Disney will incorporate some of the things from the musical, which I assume takes from the original story, which I have never read.

For example, the Prince …

Are people really not vaccinating? Seriously???

I am always hearing about not vaccinating your kids.  However, I am usually hearing it from people who are getting mad about others saying you shouldn't vaccinate.  I know there are some famous-ish people who have talked about how we should not vaccinate.  But, honestly...the last time I listened to Jenny McCarthy...well, I have never listened to Jenny McCarthy.  I'm not even sure I would recognize Jenny McCarthy if you showed me a picture of her with clothes on.

I don't usually get into the vaccination debate because I don't hang out with people who are stupid.  If I wanted to post something about why it's so important to vaccinate your kids, I feel like it's the same as telling a hippie that they don't need to shower. is an official statement from me so nobody wonders what my views are on vaccinations.

Vaccinate your kids!  If you don''re dumb.  Enjoy the measles. really have no reason to listen to me.  So...instead, …

Conversation Pieces - Desmond is Just So Awesome

This is not one of Desmond's conversation pieces.  This comes from one of his friends.
In Desmond's class, he has a couple buddies that he causes trouble plays with.  Braden (his long time buddy from PEPS), and Wyatt, a new friend that he met this year.  Des, Braden and Wyatt are always together, often needing to be separated by Ms. Zbaraki, the teacher.  Ms. Zbaraki has nicknamed the trio Huey, Dewey and Louie.  
The other night, at the school auction, I was chatting with Wyatt's mom.  We all recently had Parent/Teacher conferences.  Apparently, in Wyatt's, just like in Desmond's, Ms. Z brought up Huey, Dewey and Louie.   
Wyatt's Mom informed me that she was chatting with Wyatt about the trouble they often get into.  Maybe Wyatt should learn to make better choices and not always do what the other boys are doing. 
Wyatt's response: "But, Mom...Desmond is just so awesome!"
That is all.

Just Bought Our Honeymoon via the School Auction

Kim and I just attended our first annual Our Lady of Guadalupe School auction!

I've only attended 1 other auction in the past.  And, I ended up spending $200 on a wheel barrow full of beer.  The beer was great!  I ended up donating the wheel barrow back to the organization, mainly because I couldn't fit it in my sedan.

Anyway...this auction was 1000 times more fun.  First of all, I knew many of the people in the room this time.  And, those that I didn't know well...well, what better opportunity to get to know someone than when you are both drinking. :-)

We didn't totally know what to expect going in.  Kim felt pretty sure that people would be dropping large sums of money.  I didn't think so because most of the parents I talk to at OLG are in the same income bucket that I am.  Well to do, but certainly not rich.

Kim was right...I was wrong.

Some examples of items that were sold at auction (amount they sold for is from memory, not official...could be wrong.  I wa…