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Let's talk about Mr. Owen

So...I was sitting around recently, reflecting on, I don't reflection, when I realized something:  Owen Francis has really gotten the shaft when it comes to my blog.  When Desmond was born, I was blogging all the time about him.  Oooh, he rolled over!  Ooooh...something about poop.  Oooh...look how cute he is when he burps.

But, Owen hasn't gotten that treatment.  It's not because he's not's because I am older and much more tired.

So, I would like to take a moment to talk about my 2nd youngest.  Mr. Owen Francis.

Owen is Sassy!  He is the kid that will look at you before he messes with the remote control just to make sure you see what he's doing.  Then...when to try to take it away, he will run away!!!  And...he's make sure to quickly put something between you and him (like the couch or coffee table) to make it even harder to catch him. He is a daredevil.  He loves to climb.  Forget the kiddie playground at the park.  He wa…