Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pucker up...

Cuz Starbuck is now the size of a lemon.

I guess you're not really supposed to be able to feel the baby move, yet (although, what do I know? I'm a guy)...but, Shaundar says she's been feeling rumblies in her tumblies.

She's been playing music for young Starbuck at night. It's actually a rather inventive setup where she puts the big "Sound proof" headphones over her belly and the little earbud headphones in her ears so they are both listening to the same thing.

(She just pointed out to be that P**** Control by Prince just started playing...that one was skipped. Baby ain't ready for that, just yet...although Daddy does like that song).

Anyway...this little routine has me frightened that the only thing that will calm post-birth Starbuck in the wee hours of the morning will be continuous Tori Amos. Talk about Hell on Earth for me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Could be worse...if Grandma was there, my grandbaby could be listening to Debbie Boone or Barry Manilow.

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