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Opie? What's Opie?

Owen Pankow



Started saying it shortly after we picked out a name. It stuck. :-)

Also, we figure he'll look like Opie from Sons of Anarchy

And, heeeeere's Opie!

Owen Francis Pankow!  Born May 14, 2017.  6 lbs, 15 ounces.  Somewhere between 6 and 60 inches.  Lots of hair.  Uhhh...what else do people ask for when it comes to babies? 

Welcome to the world, Owen!

So, let me tell you how this all went down.  Pics at the bottom of the post. 

It's Monday night.  I am NOT currently in Mountain View.  I am at Swedish Hospital in Seattle with my beautiful wife and my 2 (count, two) sons! 

Saturday night, Kim and I were chilling at home.  I had already checked into my flight to San Jose scheduled for the next day and I was procrastinating putting my bag together.  Kim had just come over and kissed me goodnight.  I was going to watch an episode of American Gods.  Kim goes into the bathroom.

2 minutes later, "Ummm...Honey???  I think my water just broke."

No it didn't.  It's too early for that.  I have to be on a plane in 14 hours. 

Alas...her water did indeed break. 


Emails sent to my new …

First thing I need to do now that I am a Googler...

Stop using Bing.

I do genuinely love Bing.  I am sure there is some loyalty from my Microsoft days.  But, I also like the picture and the animations.  But, mostly it's habit.  I have been slowly trying to switch.  Updated the default on my (Google) phone.  Updated the homepage at home.

It's been real, Bing!  I will miss you.  But, I am a loyalist.  I am a Googler.  It's not you, it's me.  I've simply found someone else.  But, I wish you well!

Just Google it.

Well, looks like I am taking another new job.

What?  Didn't you just take a new job?

Why, yes...I did.  Not that long ago.  In fact, I don't think I even put it on the blog when I left The Climate Corporation.

Long story short, I left The Climate Corporation for Amazon.  I was pretty excited as Amazon is easily the #1 brand that gets my money.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be.  I am not going to go into a ton of detail on this because I remain grateful for the opportunity.  I will simply say that the Amazon culture and I are not a fit.  This isn't to say that it's a bad place to work.  On the contrary, it's a great place to work for a great many people.  I am just not one of them.  I look for different things in a company I get passionate about working for.  And, I am pretty sure Amazon wants different ideals from their employees.  If we were reviewed by eHarmony, we probably wouldn't have even made it to the "What if" section.

With that said, at the…

We have amazing friends!! Well, Kim does, at least.

Just kidding!  My friends are great, too!  And, we all know that a bonus for having Kim as a friend is getting me, too!!!

So, Kim has recently completed Baby Shower #3!

Baby Shower #1 was held by her girlfriends.

This was taken right before the pillow fight. 
This was taken right before I ate all the Nutter Butters. 
 This was taken. 
Then her coworkers threw one.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) Kim's friend Michaela only took pics of me.  I mean, I'm dead sexy, so I get it.  But here they are. 
Here's me being awesome in Owen's new Mariners hat. 
Here's me being awesome and eating baby food for money (guess the food...$5 for each correct answer...I got $20!  I think I left it in my pants pocket),
Here's Kim joining in my awesomeness.  
And, finally...the 2nd grade mom's at Our Lady of Guadalupe threw one!  Alas, I haven't received any pics from this one.  Although, it did come with a great "Diaper cake" made by Grace.  

People rock!  We love…

Jimmy Kimmel Tells a Story...

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel told the story of his newborn son's birth and heart disease.  It was a touching story.  He clarifies at the beginning that the story has a happy ending, so hang in there.  But, it's certainly a tear jerker.

I consider us blessed that Desmond was born perfectly healthy.  And, I pray every night that the same will be the case with Owen.  While I have never been through anything so terrifying as a parent, I can feel the emotions as Jimmy shares what they went through.

Kid is HUGE...actually, no he's not

So...Kim has this a human inside her.  And, he takes up a lot of space!  Like, seriously...when he moves, you can't miss it.  It looked something like this:

[editors note:  here was inserted a scene from the movie Aliens...however, given that baby mamma reads this blog, the editor has decided to remove said scene to avoid early labor]

See...clearly not a lot of room.

Therefore, in her last trip to the Doc, Doc suggested another ultrasound.  Because, if this kid is too huge and he's to term, she says she's not going to force Kim to wait another 3 weeks.

OMG...did I just say 3 weeks?  Wow...that's like, really soon.

So, we go to the ultrasound.

We see a little footsie wootsie!  And, we get a good shot of his face, straight on!  From what we saw, it appears he will have a shorter Romine nose as opposed to the pointy Pankow nose that Desmond and I share.

And we see that he is just under 6 lbs, exactly where he should be.

Translation:  No early baby for you.

This is pro…