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How Well Do I Know My Mate? From Facebook

You may know, I am totally addicted to Facebook.  These stupid status things frequently float around.  I think they're stupid, but I secretly want to do them.  So, I will do them here rather than subjecting everyone on Facebook to nonscense they may not care about.  At least this way, my 2 readers are opting in for my crap. 
I did this recently with the top movies of each year of my life.  Here is the next well do I know my mate.  I think my mate is Kim.  So, here you go: 

She's sitting in front of the TV.  What is she watching?That's easy...a kid's cooking show.  Like Masterchef Jr. What dressing does she usually put on her salad. That orange French dressing from the buffet, if it's available. Name a food she hates.Indian food.  Oh, and also snails.  You go out to eat and have a drink.  What is she drinking? Well, she's pregnant right now, so hopefully Club Soda with lemon.  Otherwise, a glass of wine or maybe something refreshing like a mojito?Favorit…

My Favorite Movie from every year I've been alive

I saw this going around on Facebook and thought it would be pretty fun.  So, I am throwing it up for both of my blog readers.  Feel free to take a stab on your own pages or in the comments, if you want.
The rules are simple...list your favorite movie for every year since the year of your birth.  Not necessarily the "best" movie.  That's very subjective.  Your FAVORITE movie.  For example:  Amadeus is a fantastic movie and it won Best Picture in 1984.  But, that's the same year that Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid and The Never Ending Story all came out.  I would pick any of those as my favorite over Amadeus without denying the greatness of that particular movie.  

So there you go.  And here I go:

1977: Star Wars (that was easy)
1978: Superman (what a crappy year for movies)
1979: Alien
1980: The Empire Strikes Back
1981: Raiders of the Lost Ark
1982: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (this one was hard as ET and Rocky III were also this year)
1983: Return of the Jedi (s…

I might be a little obsessed - OR - Graphic Tees for Babies

So, I may have become a little obsessed.  And, my obsession is with baby clothes.  You know, the whole, "Oh my goodness, this is sooooo cute," gushiness that I hear from women anytime they see tiny baby shoes or something.

But, alas...mine is much more specific.  You see, babies have their own version of the graphic tee.  Something that, if you know me, you know that I love.

Now, I am not the oogly boogly mushy gushy type.  Even when Desmond was little, while I knew my kid was adorable, you would never hear me be all like, "OMG, he is sooooo cute!  Look how cute he is!!!"  And, I especially never did that with clothing.

But then I see something like this:

I mean, COME ON!  It's got R2D2 on it and it says R2 Doo Doo!  Cuz babies poop a lot!  Get it!

Or, what about this one:

It's got the Gold and Crimson of Griffindor AND Snuggle this Muggle totally rhymes!  And, with the hat.  OMG!!!

Finally...what about this:

It's Snoop Dog, yo!  Except, instead of Mon…

Playing with new themes

Trying to mix it up a bit.  I like this theme, but I can't figure out how to get rid of the couch.  So, if you're looking at my page while the couch is up, I'm working on it.  If you're looking after it after I have figured out how to get rid of the couch, then nevermind.

Update...ok.  That one didn't work.  I don't think there was any way to get rid of the images that Blogger chose for that theme.  So, trying another one.

I like how this one is broken into boxes.  But, it appears to look better when I add images.  So, I will need to add either images and/or video to my posts all the time so it doesn't look stupid.  So, for this one, I give you this picture!  It's of the Kardashians.  Because, that's what Google gave me when I hit "I'm feeling lucky."

Rain, Rain...go the Eff away!

This year has been tough, weather wise.

I was talking to a coworker, not that long ago.  Both of us have been in Seattle for a long time.  I forget how long for her.  But, I've been here 17 years.  We were discussing our general feeling of "blah-ness" lately.

Like, seriously...I have been down, dude.  Just generally bummed out most of the time.  She was in a similar place.

I said I thought it had something to do with the weather.  It's been dreary a lot, lately.  She says, no...we've lived here long enough.  We should be used to this annual darkness.

I disagreed...I feel like this year is worse than past years.

Turns out, I am right.

We have broken a 122 year record for rain this year.

I don't dispute the fact that Seattle is gloomy in the fall and winter months.  But, it's tolerable.  Even with my Arizona blood, I have acclimated enough to take in the regular sun breaks and eat up the amazing spring and summer weather to be able to push through the gl…

Pet Peeve of the Day...Bus Jerks

UGH!  You know what I hate?  I hate assholes on the bus.  I hate them in general, but today I was annoyed by a specific type.

That type is the one that misses his stop and then gets mad at the bus driver for not accommodating him. 
I take the bus to work almost every day.  Have for years.  Even when I lived in Tacoma, I was on the 545 to dowtown Seattle every morning.  Today, I take the C Line from West Seattle to downtown.  Drops me off about 5 blocks from my office. Takes about 40 minutes. 
Here's the thing...when you are on a bus for that long, often you find yourself dozing off.  I don't doze on the bus too much because it's always standing room only and the simple fact that I am touching a stranger keeps me wide awake.  However, I get how others will doze. 
Well, when you doze, there is a chance you won't wake in time to catch your stop.  That sucks...but I get how it happens.  
However, when it happens, you should get off the bus as the next stop and how on anoth…

Conversation Pieces - Whats better? Maui or Target?

Ok, I am sharing this story second hand.  Hopefully, I am able to properly convey it as it happened.

The scene is the car ride home from work.  The characters: Desmond and Kim.

Desmond: "I am jealous of Max R. and Edie?

Kim:  "Why?"

Desmond: "They get to go on vacation for spring break!"

Kim: "Oh yeah...where are they going?"

Desmond: "Max R. gets to go to Disneyland and Edie is going to Maui."

Kim: "Maui?!  Maui is one of my favorite places." 

Desmond: "I know.  Mine too."

Kim: "Well, Grandma is visiting for spring break this year.  And she'll probably take you to Target."

Desmond: *pause* "I honestly don't know which one is better!"

Kim:  "Really?  I know which one is better."

Desmond: "Yeah...I know.  Maui is better.  They have a Target in Maui."

Quincy Update #6

Well, Quincy is back.  I mean, minus the eyeballs.  But, his demeanor is certainly back.  Maybe too much.  I mean, how do you tell a dog to just chill out and lie down?  You've still got stitches, dumbass!

Day 1, night 1 and most of day 2 were really hard.  QP was in obvious pain.  Crying, whimpering, panting.  It was tough.  We didn't sleep that first night.  Vet gave us some new pain meds.  I gave those to him immediately on Day 2.  Shortly after, he conked out.  That evening, while still a bit drunk, he started to bounce back.

Saturday and Sunday, fugetaboutit.  The dog won't sit still.  He'll occasionally start panting randomly.  But outside of that, he seems to be his old self.

Unfortunately, in his cone of shame, he is having a hard time getting around.  He can't feel his way around and the cone messes up his hearing...he can't tell where we're talking to him from.  This doesn't stop him from walking around all day and running into things.  He r…

Quincy Update 5


It's funny, at the beginning of all this, I was sad that QP had to lose an eye.  Now I am relieved that the eyes are out.

The surgery went well.  No complications.  Both eyes are out.  He's still puffy, but that is supposed to go down in the next 48 hours.

Unfortunately, he seems to be in a lot of pain, now.  When I picked him up, the Dr (different Dr. than the one that chewed me out) mentioned that he suspects Quincy is probably already feeling some relief.  Unfortunately, when the anesthesia wore off, I don't think that's the case, anymore.  

We didn't get much sleep last night.  It's pretty pathetic.  He whines a lot, right now.  Just lays there and cries.  It's heartbreaking.  Just spoke to the vet and we're gonna get some new meds to manage the pain.  Supposedly, right now is supposed to be the worst of it.  I hope that's the case because, man he's making me sad.

I'll post a picture a bit later after the swelling g…

Quincy Update Part 4

And the saga continues.

First of all...if you own cats, keep them in the house.

On Saturday, Quincy started favoring his right eye (the one the cat scratched) again.  Keeping it closed and flinching if we got too close.  Then, Saturday afternoon, it got HUGE!  He was clearly in pain.  Sunday night was rough.  Panting, whining.  Sunday, we gave him his pain pills and tried to keep him comfy.  I mean, he's scheduled to have both eyes removed on Monday.

Well...apparently I am a horrible pet owner.  Took him in to the ophthalmologist this morning.  She looked at it and chewed me out for not calling them.  Apparently, due to the swelling, he can't have surgery (again).  We need to get the swelling down.  And, she's concerned about my lack of communication because I should have called.

I informed her this just happened.  Started Saturday after afternoon/evening, blew up on Sunday when they were closed.

But, I know they're on call, she tells me.  He should have been been o…