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My Grandpa is Cooler than Your Grandpa

Clearly, coolness runs in the family.

My Grandpa, Fred V. Pankow, likes to write.  I remember many letters that he would send me when I was young.  Often including a misspelled word here or there, offering me a dime for every one I found. 

Later in life, he wrote a regular newsletter for his community as well as stories that he would send to his great grandkids.  Desmond has taken some of these into school and the teacher has read them to the class. 

Here is a new short story, by my Grandpa Pankow.  I like it.  I think you will, too.


I Remember: The Swing and Our Town. by Fred Pankow

Bill and Mary were newlyweds when they hung the wooden swing on which they now sat
each evening. It is fastened, by chains, to the ceiling of their porch. A porch that crossed
the entire front of the house as many porches did then. This house was their first major
purchase at a price of $4,000. Four thousand dollars was a big chunk considering Bill’s
salary was $3,000 a y…