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One Year With The Littlest Dude

This little dude turned 1 yesterday!!!!

On one hand...the time has flown by.

On the other totally hasn't!  It feels like he's been here forever. 

Here's some things we've learned about Owen Francis over the last 12 months.
He is a VERY happy baby!  Possibly the happiest I have ever met.  This kid had an ear infection for weeks and we had no clue.  Because he was always in good spirits.  He LOVES his brother.  Nobody makes this kid laugh like Desmond.  NOBODY!  Not me, not Kim, not Elmo.  And, Desmond doesn't even need to work very hard for Opie's approval.  He just needs to do a crazy dance.  And Opie Cracks.The.Hell.Up!  He is the best hugger.  His hugs are amazing!  And, it's not just the Pankows that think this way.  Even his teachers and other daycare parents have commented on it.  He is a Ph.D. in Hugging. He wants to be the loudest person in the room.  Doesn't matter if he's sitting right next to you.  He'll say what he has to …

Babies in Movie Theaters...DON'T DO IT!

Today is a rant day. 

To say that I was STOKED to see the Avengers this weekend is an understatement.  I haven't only been waiting for this moment since Nick Fury showed up during the credits of Iron Man...I have been waiting for this moment since I first read the Infinity Gauntlet when I was in JR. HIGH SCHOOL!  And, if you didn't know...I'm damn old, man!  As I am reminded with every new coworker who doesn't realize who Eddie Vedder is.

But, I digress. 

As is the case with any Marvel or Star Wars movie, I had my tickets to go opening day!!!

Given that Kim really isn't into anything with lasers, I have no guilt in attending these movies by myself.  In fact, I kind of enjoy the time.  So, I will sneak out after the boys go to sleep, have myself a beer and watch myself a movie.

This particular show started at 9:20 PM.  As in, at night.  When it's dark.  When children are supposed to be asleep.

So, I was particularly surprised when some people walked in with…

Frederick Pankow - Lifelong Educator and GREAT Grandpa

We lost a great great man, today.  My grandpa, Fred Pankow.

I have many memories of my grandpa.  I spent most summers with him and Grandma in Michigan when I was younger.  I didn't get out there nearly as much as I should have as an adult.  But, I still looked up to him more than any other man in my life outside of my dad. 

I could share many of those memories with you, now.  Of fishing on Lake Miramichi, of trips to Florida, Canada or Mackinac Island, of hatching ducklings, or of the many letters he sent me offering me a quarter for every spelling error I found.

Instead, I would like to present you with another story.  Grandpa loved to tell (and write) stories.  This one is my favorite.  Grandpa was a lifelong educator.  He started as a high school teacher and retired superintendent.  He even has a school named after him.

I regret that I wasn't able to have him meet Owen in person.  I will miss him.  I will miss his stories. 

Please enjoy.