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Happy New Year!

Well, I am late on this.  And Desmond's birthday post.  And Christmas.  But, I wanted to get this up because I always like reflecting on the past year. 2015.  Easily one of the best years of my life if not THE best.  Here's what went down.

I got married!  To an amazing woman!  Not to kiss her butt too much, but there are times when I still wonder how the heck I got so lucky!  How was she around at just the right time?  Someone so fitting for me?  Well, she was, Praise the Lord, and she is now Mrs. Pankow!  Maui.  I love Maui.  I know this was for a wedding and junk.  But, I will list Maui every single time I go there.  Also...between you and me...WE'RE GOING BACK!  In March!  We love it so!Desmond continues to grow.  And, in amazing ways.  He is so smart.  He is very caring.  One night, Kim was sick.  Sick enough to schedule a doctor appointment.  Desmond handed her Bubba in the morning before he went to school so she wouldn't be lonely and would have something…