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Family Picture - Jan 2015

Ok, I am stealing an idea from my friend Meghan of  Although, I'm not quite as awesome as her.  She is posting a family portrait every week in 2015.  I looked at that and thought, "That's so rad! But, I am not Super Mom like Meghan.  Maybe I'll try every month!" is my first shot!  I give you the first family photo of 2015!  Let's see if I can keep this up!

Yes, I am trying to grow a beard.  I'll post about that later.  Key word is "trying."

And, since I know you were curious.  Here are some of the outtakes:

Modeling while I set up the camera. 
More modeling. Super enthusiastic. 
So hard to get a real smile out of this kid. No clue where he gets that. 
Not sure where those bunny ears are coming from, but pretty sure it's Kim. 
Goodnight!  Go Seahawks!!!

Conversation Pieces - Words that have the "Sh" sound

Don't's not what you think.

Desmond's class learned the "sh" sound last week.  Today, on the way to school, as I sometimes do, I quizzed him on what he was learning.

Me: " learned the 'sh' sound in school?"

Des: "MmHmm."

Me: "Can you think of any words with the 'sh' sound?"

Des: *silence...he hates when I quiz him.*

Me: "Maybe 'SHoe?'  Or 'SHip?'

Des: "Richard SHerman?"

Me: "Yup...that qualifies!"


It's Superbowl week!  My Seattle Seahawks are in the Superbowl!  The first team to go to back to back Superbowl since their opponents, the New England Patriots did it back in the year that they did it.  Whenever that was.

I figure this is a great week to write about the Seahawks and why I love the heck out of them!!!

I would like to start with the one and only...Marshawn Lynch!

If you watch sports, you have probably heard of Marshawn.  Or...maybe you have heard of his nickname: Beastmode!

Beastmode isn't a nickname as much as a state of play.  It's what Marshawn calls it when he is able to burst through the line.  When he runs 90 yards across the field for a touchdown.  When he drags defenders with him as he forces his way across the first down marker.

Perhaps you have heard of the famous "Beast Quake!"  A run during the playoffs that got the crowd so fired up that it actually registered on the Richter Scale!

Then...there is notorious interviewing style.  Notor…


So...I'm getting married.  I've mentioned it a few times on here, but I haven't formally introduced the three of you to Kim.  Kim is gonna marry me.  And, just so you know, I have given her plenty of time to sober up and change her mind.  She still says she's going to marry me.

I met Kim on eHarmony.  As you can see in an earlier post, I was not a big fan of dating.  And, by not a big fan, I mean I hated it.  I had a couple potentials, if you will, but nothing that ended up being much.  I even got dumped twice by the same person.  That's how awesome I am.

So...I meet Kim on eHarmony and we're chatting and having a good time.  Then, I get all busy and stuff, and my cat dies, and I hate women and I travel, and I just kinda figure she's just another one that won't amount to much.  But, what the heck.  I'll give this one last girl a shot before turning off the dating profile for a bit and just spending some time enjoying life as a single dad.

We go on a…

My old favorite movies are so OLD!

Often, I think about how exciting it will be to introduce Desmond to some of the things that I used to love as a kid.  Particularly movies!  There are some movies that I JUST KNOW he will love as much as I did.

GooniesGhostbustersStar Wars Three AmigosBack to the Future You know.  The new Classics.  
But, here's the thing.  These movies are so freakin' old, now!
It's like when my dad tried to get me to watch movies from the 70s.  I was like, DANG...those special effects are so fake!
Let's take Back to the Future.  Kim and I were just talking about how we want to watch the trilogy.  My mom bought it for me a few years ago.  I just need to find it in my still packed moving boxes.  
Anyway, I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have Des watch that with me.  
Then I realized the following things.  Des has no idea what a Delorean is. Des has no idea what a Walkman is. Back to the Future: Part 2 happens this year!Des won't get any of the references in the Cafe 8…

Gangnam Style!

A while ago, Desmond posed the following question to me: "Dad...what does sexy mean?"


I tried, as best I could, to explain what it means.  I think I said something to the effect of, "It's a way to describe a person who someone finds attractive."

The next question was, "Is it a bad word?"  Desmond has been very curious about bad words, lately.

"'s not a bad word, necessarily," I respond.  "But, I don't think it's a word people would like hearing from a 6 year old."

This seemed to satisfy him.

"So," I ask, "Where did you hear this word?"

Desmond responds, "Heeeeeeeeeey, Sexy Ladies!!!" son learned the word sexy from the song Gangnam Style.

I will occasionally hear him singing the song when he thinks I'm not listening.  It's one of his favorite songs.  His old favorite was "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore.  That one was more tolerable. ho…


Seattle Seahawks are once again heading to the Superbowl!  The first time in 10 years that a team has made it all the way to the big game in defense of their championship.

I am very excited!  SUPER DUPER excited!

So, don't misunderstand what I have to say here.

I am seeing a ton of posts from friends about this NFC Championship game being the best Hawks game, ever.  And, stats about how Russell Wilson has more playoff victories against Superbowl winning quarterbacks than anyone else.  And, other posts that seem to forget one thing.


We were down by 2 touchdowns with only 2:09 to go before the Hawks went on their tear.  We were outplayed for 95% of that game.  And, an argument could be made that it was the coin toss that won us the game.  Nice job, Tavaris Jackson!!!

We have a Superbowl to win, now.  And, we ain't going to do that with 4 interceptions, a fumbled punt return and defense that isn't its normal ass kicking self.


Ben Franklin was my favorite president!

For a bazillion reasons.  But, this is article just solidifies my favoritism.

Ben Franklin wrote an essay about farting!!

Specifically, he was basically telling scientists that they needed to invent a way to make farts smell good.

Here's the best line from the essay: "Were it not for the odiously offensive Smell accompanying such Escapes, polite People would probably be under no more Restraint in discharging such Wind in Company, than they are in spitting, or in blowing their Noses."

Would you expect anything less coming from the guy who wrote the Constitution?

You see, Ben Franklin was very forward thinking.  He knew that some 230+ years later, some ridiculously good looking gentleman would be sitting in his office all alone.  He would know that this gentleman may be in his office, without visitors for quite some time.  This gentleman will perhaps suspect that he may not see a real live person for a good chuck of the afternoon because many of his colleagues are workin…


UPDATE: Ads are live!!!  Sorry for that, kinda.  But, not really. :-)  I'm mostly curious to see what they can bring.  Click away!  You know you really want that online degree!  Or, maybe that penis enlargement!

So...I just signed up for AdSense to make $.25 to a dollar once in a while off this page.  Maybe just enough to pay for the annual renewal. :-)

I added a wiget on the side for ads, but the instructions aren't clear as to how I get final approval.  They sort of make it look like I need to place it prominently in the blog. goes!

Go ahead!  Click on it!  I know you want to!  In on it 100 times!

Not sure how much money I get for clicks.  Could be a penny.  Could be a dime.  Don't know.  We'll see, I guess.

In Case You Missed It, Michael Keaton's Golden Globe Acceptance Speech

I haven't seen Birdman, yet.  But, I really want to.  I'm waiting for it to come out on video.  Although, my buddy just hooked me up with a digital copy, so I will try to watch it this weekend.

Regardless...check out Michael Keaton's acceptance speech.

I love when famous people show their humanity.  I get tired of people thanking their lawyers and their agents and yes...even God.  This is the kind of speech that makes you happy.

Jason's Movie Review - Annie

Went to see Annie this weekend.  Here's what I thought.

First of all, a reminder.  I love musicals.  I almost always have a song going through my head.  I haven't seen Annie on stage since I was in High School.  However, I have seen the original movie a dozen times.

Whenever anything is rebooted, I try to judge it on it's own merits.  I try not to compare it to previous versions.  This was hard to do with the new Annie, however.  I think the fact that it's a musical makes it more difficult.  When a tune is changed or songs are added and eliminated, I can't help but find myself missing the old version.

Let me address Annie herself, first.  Since some controversy seemed to be stirred when the public learned that Annie and Daddy Warbucks...aka William Stacks in this movie...were *GASP* black!

The little girl who played Annie was quite good!  I enjoyed her performance a ton.  I thought she pulled off the sassy little foster kid (don't call her an orphan) to a tee. …