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It was a big day for me

Image was a pretty big day.

No...I didn't win the lottery.  No, I didn't get promoted to Vice President.  No, my kids didn't cure cancer.


You see, I have certain heroes in life.  Heroes that, to me, are the epitome of manhood.  Heroes that, with very little effort, are able to make people all over the world say, "Damn...there goes a real man."
These heroes are:

My homie, Andy Palmer
My Cousin-In-Law Gary (he's the one on the right)
And Commander William T. Riker

What makes these men heroes, you ask?  Well, Andy is building his own house.  That's pretty manly, but that's not what it is.

Gary formed his own highly successful marketing business that thrives in Seattle today.  Totally manly...but, whatever.

And, many times has he saved the universe  Still...this is not what impresses me.

No...clearly, my admiration for these men is due to one thing.


By now, you may be wondering, why is today so special? …