Thursday, May 22, 2008

28 Really Geeky Baby Names

FYI...I am stealing this verbatim (via the high tech copy/paste option) from some dude named Darren Barefoot:

Funniest part (or geekiest part)...our girl name is on this list!

Plagiarizing, now:

1) Strider - It could have been worse, he could’ve been named Pippin.

2) Arwen - Again, it could have been Eowyn. Plus, it’s quite a pretty name.

3) Lestat - “I can’t understand why junior keeps wearing all that white makeup…”

4) Neo - You might as well name the kid “Jesus”.

5) Keanu - See above.

6) Nikita - Apparently from the Elton John song, not from La Femme Nikita, but we can hope.

7) Nero - “Son, you’re named for a a Roman Emperor. No pressure.”

8) Maximus - See above.

9) Cosmo Ranger - I got nothing.

10) Eaton - Last name Seamen. Not so much geeky as just plain cruel.

11) Cleopatra Evita - Presumably she’s the daughter of drag queens.

12) Corran - Apparently a character in the Star Wars books.

13) Mara Jade - Another similarly non-movie Star Wars character.

14) Anakin - Bound to be a mouth breather.

15) Luke - Climbed the charts from 228th in the seventies to 42nd today.

16) Ada - Destined to work in a cubicle among smelly coding boys.

17) Wesley - Fairly common, but geeky when inspired by Star Trek.

18) Jadzia - Apparently in 1998, there were 27 baby girls named after Deep Space Nine’s Dax.

19) Ryker - In that same year, 80 baby boys were making Number One in their diapers.

20) B’elanna - Well, at least the apostrophe will simplify things.

21) Kirk - Apparently Kirk Cameron was named after the Shatnerian one.

22) Moon Unit - Thank you, Papa Zappa.

23) Amadeus - Retro geeky.

24) Mars - I know, it’s also a Greek god. But it gets dodgy when his sister is named Venus. And what if you named a kid Pluto and he got downgraded to a mere dwarf planet?

25) Ripley - Likes her machine gun with a flamethrower chaser.

26) Dade - This one’s pretty obscure (but apparently legit). I mean, how many people saw Hackers?

27) Damien - You know, like the Prince of Darkness? Rose in popularity thanks to The Omen.

28) Version 2.0 - Obvious, and apparently true.

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