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All of our expensive stuff is breaking at the same time.

We recently lost our computer.  I think Dell writes code into their laptops to make them break shortly after the warranty expires.  This is the second computer that has died pretty much 2 years and 2 days after we bought it. So, we need a new one.

Then, at Desi's birthday party, our camera broke.  So, it may be a while before you see more pictures or video. 

We're doing the computer first because we've got nothing at home, at the moment.  I can use my work laptop, but Shaundar is left with nothing when I'm not home.  So, I apologize if you are craving pics.

Conversation pieces

Desi, "I want cowboy dog!"

Said while looking at a coloring book picture of a horse.

2 Years ago...

After working from home for a week straight because the doctor had told us, "Anytime, now!" I finally decided to drive into work for a training only to have my phone ring around 10:00 AM telling me to come back. 

12 hours later, we met our little Starbuck for the first time.

Greatest day of my life, and I remember every second of it!

Happy Birthday, Desmond!

Birthday week

Desmond's birthday is on Wednesday.  It seems like he's been to a ton of birthdays, lately.  So many, in fact, that I will occationally find him singing happy birthday to Bubba. 

We decided to make this his birthday week and let him open one present a day until his real birthday. 

Today, he picked out the big present from Grandma and Grandpa Pankow. 

A couple notes:
1) Desi LOVES Toy Story, particularly Buzz Lightyear.
2) He's getting a lot of Toy Story gifts, this year.
3) I didn't realize the DVDs weren't in cases, so please pardon my not actually letting Desi touch his new gift.
4) You may hear me say, "Hold this while I kill the dog" just before I hand off the camera.  Quincy was managing to stretch his short body up to the dining room table and was in the process of pulling down Desi's uneaten plate of Orange Chicken.  To Quincy's relief, I didn't actually kill him. 

Toy Story vids from Jason Pankow on Vimeo.

Conversation pieces

Daddy: "Sorry I didn't get to say goodnight, last night.  I was at an event."

(Aside: I was at a seminar on a panel discussing how to use Social Media to find a job)

Desi: "I want to go to event."

Daddy:  "You do?  What kind of event do you want to go to?"

Desi: "A Cookie Event!"


Everybody should buy one of these.

For anyone that isn't sure what I do, this is what my last year was spent on.  My team has been hiring the people that developed this product. 

Basically, it's a device for playing video games without a controller.  "You are the controller" is the tagline.

Bottom line: It's awesome.  And, it's not just for gaming.  It's for movies and music as well. 

Here's a pic of Shaundar and I playing on of the games.  Even Desi got into it.

Get one!

Halloween pics

Image's been almost a month.  Here's some Halloween pics for you.