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#NeverTrump - Jason tells all you Republicans why you shouldn't be voting for Trump.

I really should start posting more about my kid and junk.  But, I simply can't downplay how annoyed I am at this Trump thing.  Just how completely dumbfounded I am that he has gotten this far.  And, even worse...PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO VOTE FOR HIM!
I remain baffled.  Absolutely baffled.  I have been a lifelong Republican.  And, here I sit.  Wondering how the heck the party I have belonged to for thirty *mumble mumble* years has become what it is today.

I's true there have been signs.  Starting with the uprising of the tea party, the elections of the likes of people such as Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachman and the continuous venom against anything remotely resembling an LGBT issue.  But...through it all, I would always remember: Republicanism is about less government, lower taxes, a strong defense, states rights and individual freedoms.

Well, that no longer remains true.  At least, not for anyone who isn't white and straight.

I am here, right now, to tell al…