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My amazing 2014

I labeled 2012 as the worst year of my life.

How grateful I am that 2014 turned out to be one of the best!

While it was overall a great year, not everything was happy.  Below are the Top 10 biggest events of my year, in no particular order.

I got engaged!  Probably the most obvious. :-)  I've said before, after my divorce, I figured I would never remarry.  And then I met Kim.  And, this summer, we get hitched!Hawaii!  I got to spend a week with my little man, my folks and the person who would go from girlfriend to fiancee on the trip.  An outstanding trip that will likely only be topped by next June's trip back to Hawaii!Desmond starts Kindergarten!  KINDERGARTEN!  Can you believe it?  I got a promotion and a new job!  Microsoft rewarded me this year with a promotion and a new role on the Global Recruiting team.  While I am sad that I can no longer call myself an "Xbox Recruiter," I just went from supporting one team to supporting the whole company.  On the sad side, …

Conversation Pieces - Jesus...aka Cockadoodle Head

Was discussing Advent with Desmond. Telling him the story of when the angel came to Mary and Joseph.
In the story, I say, "And, the angel told them that they would name the baby Jesus."
Des: "I don't think the angel told them to name him Jesus."
Me: "You don't?"
Des: "No. I think they chose to name him Jesus. They could have named him Cockadoodle Head. Then, we would be praying to Cockadoodle Head."
Thank you, Lord, for my son. I pray this in the name of my savior, Cockadoodle Head. Amen.