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My dad is cooler than your dad.

A few months back, my dad started a pretty rad routine.  One day, I received an email titled, "Sideways Stories from Wayside School Chapter 1." I open up the email to find an audio recording of my dad reading a chapter from Sideways Stories From Wayside School .   I don't think he knew at the time, but this was a book I thought was pretty hilarious when I was a kid.  Regardless, he picked a good one. Desmond loves being read to at night.  It's one of his favorite things.  In fact, he gets really bummed when he doesn't get a story.  There have been plenty of nights when he has had to forego stories because he spent too much time playing video games or farting around.  So, he's gotten pretty good at wrapping things up when he knows it's getting late because he doesn't want to miss his story time. So, when Grandpa started sending stories, it fit right into the nightly routine.  Now, every single night Des is home with us, we curl up in his bed and