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I'm tall!

Some random pics

There's been a lot happening this summer, but I haven't been good at posting.  Here are some pics from the last few months.

Blue Angels

Our friends, the Herrings (Mark, Meghan, Mitch and Matilda) invited us out to Seafair with them to watch the Blue Angels. 

Mitch, Meghan, Matilda and Mesmond...I mean, Desmond. Sorry.
Lunch Time (sorry for the smudge...I didn't notice it was on the lense until halfway through the day)
Desi was pretty crabby and pouty.  Until he got his very own Boeing 797 Dreamliner to play with.  Then, he was all smiles. 

When the planes came, he wasn't paying attention.  He was playing with one of his toys.  They planes drew his attention by turning on their afterburners.  The sounds freaked him out and he ran over to me crying.  So, he sat in my lap and I covered his ears.  After that, he got a kick out of them, pointing and saying "Airplane" over and over.  Until, that is, he got too excited about them and left my lap to dance a bit as the…


This is the new question.


Why is it time to go to bed?

Why is it time to take a bath?

Why do I have to leave my toy here?

Why does Daddy have to go to work?

Why is the mailman?

Pretty much everything we say to Desi...he responds with "Why?"

I don't think he really knows what he's saying.  I mean, his grasp on the English language is still very far from perfect (for instance, he says Pee-Mad-Ow for piano).  But, it's still pretty funny and cute. 

Here's a conversation from the other morning:

Me: "Desi, it's time to go to go to school."

Desi: "Why?"

Me: "Because Daddy needs to go to work."

Desi: "Why?"

Me: "Because I need to make money."

Desi: "Why?"

Me: "Because I owe money to the man."

Desi: "Why?" 

Me: "Because I wasted it all on cheap booze and women."

Desi: "Why?"

Me:  "Because I was tempted by the devil."

Desi: "Why?"

Me: &…

Okay, fine!

Here are some pics taken from the "Pirate Landing" which is little more than a bunch of old men playing dress up and kicking off Seattle's annual Sea Fair.