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I Voted! And, now I am going to complain about it.

I finished my ballot today.  It's stamped and ready to ship out to the proper authorities who will likely throw it in the shredder.

I kid, I kid!

Anyway, voting is done for me.  But, now I get to (most likely) spend 4 years with a President that I voted for but don't support.

You see...I can't stand Hillary Clinton.  And, I am very very annoyed at how folks on the left have granted her sainthood despite her many legitimate faults. 

This is my new favorite site:

I am not a fan of WikiLeaks. Never have been.  Not when they were going after Bush (yeah...remember that?  The left loved them then.) and not now.  I don't like hackers having so much power in an election.  But, just like the Bush leaks, there information is now out and we can't ignore it just because it's coming from a source we don't like.  Please, continue trying to keep them out and put them in jail.  But, with the info exposed, we can't pretend that …