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Tackle Time

This went on for about 30 minutes. Pardon the exposed diaper.  Desi just got off the potty.  If the tackling hadn't interupted, we would have taken him up to change into jammies.  Also pardon the mess.  No excuse for that...but, it's my house so back off! Note...after each tackle, he is putting his hand out to help me up...just to knock me down, again. Tacklin' from Jason Pankow on Vimeo .

Darn that Daycare...again

I've mentioned before that Desi has a lot of words.  Some are clear, some are not.  We're still learning some of his words as he learns some of ours. We discovered a new word of his, the other day.  It's a word we haven't taught him. He was being whiney (what's new?) and Shaundar was holding him.  He started saying something over and over, again.  It sounded like "Tootoo row" or something.  Shaundar, being the ever insightful person that she is, stops and asks me, "Do you know what he's saying?"  I have no clue.  She motions to the kitchen counter.  On the counter lies a Tootsie Roll.  It's left over from Easter.  Desi was saying Tootsie Roll. Now...I can say with almost absolute certainty that Desmond has never had a Tootsie Roll in this house.  I've never given him one and I am sure, as she is 100x more anal than me, that Shaundar hasn't either.  That leaves daycare.  Of course, it could be Aunt Kelley or one of the

Photo from fellow PEPS dad

Our friend and fellow PEPS parent, Chris, snapped this at our weekly meeting.

FOT post

Just had a post published at Fistful of Talent that I'm enjoying.  Yes, I readily admit that I am a big nerd. Here's the link: Here's the post: Monday, May 24, 2010 Everything I Need to Know About Poor Candidate Experience I Learned from LOST Chances are, either you or someone you know is a fan of LOST. Actually...maybe this isn't true. Because if you are not a fan of LOST, I don't know why your LOST-loving friend would still associate with you. Regardless...even if you are not a fan, you probably heard that last night we witnessed the LOST series finale. After 6 years, 121 hours, multiple dead cast members, 2 god-like beings and 1 huge mess of unanswered questions, the worst candidate experience on TV is over. Let's take a look at the recruiting tactics that would make any company, even the Hanso Foundation, cringe. It takes

Words and Food

Desi has a ton of words, now.  However, he doesn't really know how to end most of them. For example: Milk is Muh.  Kitty is Key.  I love you is I Loo, or something. However, the other day, he amazed us by completing one of his words.  The conversation went something like this: Daddy: "Finish your dinner, Desi." Desi: "Ah-Da" (translation: All Done). Daddy: "Have another bite" Desi: "Coo-Coo" (translation: Cookie) Daddy: "Uh-uh...have another bite" Desi, louder this time: "Coo-Coo!" Daddy: "One more bite and they I will contemplate maybe giving you a cookie." Desi, angry, now: "COOKIE!" Daddy and Mommy - *silence* Desi: "COOKIE!!!!!!!  COOKIE!!!!!! *cry, cry cry* COOKIE!!!!" So, anyway.  That's that story.   

Prepping to be a Zag

Gotta practice if he wants to make the Gonzaga basketball team. Ballin' from Jason Pankow on Vimeo .

Your Happy Read of the Day

Props to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Seattle Sounders FC (professional soccer team, for the non-locals) and everyone involved.  Here's the link to the story: Local boy with cancer turns into a superhero for a day Erik Martin, who is living with liver cancer, has always wanted to be a superhero. On Thursday, the regional chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted him that wish with an elaborate event that involved hundreds of volunteers in Bellevue and Seattle. By Katherine Long Thursday was shaping up to be just another school day for 13-year-old Erik Martin, but then something extraordinary happened: Spider-Man called. Spider-Man happens to be one of the few people who knows that Erik, too, has a secret identity — he's Electron Boy, a superhero who fights the powers of evil with light. And Spider-Man needed Erik's help. Erik, who is living with liver cancer, has always want