Tuesday, May 6, 2008

When I'm a dad, I promise not to...

Refer to my child's age in months once they become 1 year old.

Have you ever asked someone, "How old is your baby?" and gotten a response like, "18 months!"

It is my firm belief that once Jr. hits one year of age, age should be addressed in Years then months. So...18 months should be "A year and a half!"

Why do I think this way? Well...I work in HR. Probably the main reason why I am a recruiter and not an engineer is because I am terrible at math. And...there's no way I would have been able to complete my engineering assignments as they involved a lot of homework and I was too busy getting drunk in college.

So...when I hear 18 months, I get confused. I quickly look around to see if there is a calculator nearby. I start to sweat and panic begins to set in. Finally...the parent takes pity on my and translates their answer.

I think this is really only done until the kid hits 2. I have yet to year someone answer, "30 months," or in my case, "366 months." Although...I have heard 24 months once before. No kidding. That one was a little easier for me to do the math on, though. (12 months in a year...carry the one...add a zero...square root...take away a zero) "Oh...2 years?"

In conclusion...I pledge to make it easy on mathematically challenged people. Once Starbuck hits a year old, any age reference starts with "1 Year."

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