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Conversation Pieces - Eye Doctors and Tattoos

I have 2 today.

First, Took Desmond to his first eye doctor appt.  

Optometrist lady asks, "Do things ever look blurry when you look at them?"

Des looks at her straight faced and says, "Only when I do this..." before crossing his eyes.

The next one, Des flashes me his Despicable Me tattoo and says, "I'm tougher than you! I have a tattoo!"

I flash him my REAL tattoo and say, "Whatever! I have a real tattoo! That's like getting a million shots. You just put yours on with some water."

Des thinks for a second. Then says, "Well, the water was FREEZING COLD!"

Hobby Lobby

Ok...I am going to get political, today.

I do not understand why the SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby has so many people up in arms.  I would like some clarification.

"Corporate CEOs shouldn't have a say in the health care choices of women."

I agree...they shouldn't.  And, that's not what the ruling did.  The ruling was specific to small "closely held" businesses.  Business who's owners are so few that there is no distinction between the values of the business and the values of the owners.

"Viagra is covered.  Birth control should also be covered."

Ok...2 things.  1st, Viagra is used to fix a health problem.  IE: Dude is supposed to be able to get it up.  Can't get it up.  Needs medical intervention.  Birth control is a preventative.  Women are designed to get pregnant. 

Don't get me wrong.  I am not anti-birth control.  In fact, as a currently unmarried dude in a relationship, I am a big supporter of birth control.  My point thou…

Conversation Pieces - I don't like chicken!

Des: "I don't like chicken!"

Me: "Yeah you do!"

Des: "No, I actually don't."

Me: "Since when?"

Des: "Since the day I stopped liking chicken."