Saturday, February 13, 2016

Politics and Porn

I know I haven't posted in a while, but nothing inspires me to write like two amazing topics like these.

I am very intrigued by this new little ditty in the news about a Ted Cruz ad hiring a softcore porn star for one of his ads.

Here's the gist.  The Cruz campaign produces an ad and one of the actors has been in some of those movies that you find on Showtime or HBO after your parents have gone to bed. 

Uh, oh...trouble for the Cruz campaign!  Once this got out, they had to pull the ad because Cruz stands for family values and stuff.  Clearly, it's hypocritical for him to employ this woman. 

Ok, I should clarify that nothing I am about to say is an endorsement of Cruz.  I can't stand Cruz.  I will vote for Hilary Clinton before I vote for Cruz and that is saying a lot.

But, here are my problems with this whole porn star thing.

But, first...can she really be called a porn star.  I mean, she does those late night softcore bits.  I've seen worse on Game of Thrones. 

Ok, really moving on now.  I'm considering where the true problem is with this whole thing.  Are we mad at Cruz because he hired a porn star?  Why are we mad at him?  Now, if he KNEW she was a porn star and he hired her anyway, I can see how that would be of concern to his super conservative following.  But, the campaign folks weren't aware of this women.  They clearly have their search engines set to "safe search."  I would say the fact that she slipped through the cracks is actually evidence that Cruz and his leaders practice what they preach.

Shouldn't we really be concerned about the people that informed him, after the ad aired, that she has been involved in adult films?  I mean, someone clearly recognized her.  And, someone had a contact high enough up to get Cruz the message. 

So, bottom line, a woman auditions for a part and gets it fair and square.  But, we found out later that she showed her boobies in movies that only 17 years olds watched after midnight about 15 years go, and the ad needs to be pulled.

Did you know Bo Derek is a well known Republican. I've seen her boobs.  But, every 4 years we still like to highlight that she leans right. 

Anywho...I just thought it was interesting.  Ted Cruz didn't know they hired a "porn star."  Sounds like something they should actually be proud of.

I mean...I didn't recognize her, either. 

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