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Babies in First Class...take your ghetto baby back into steerage!!!

Ok...I promised 3 posts on our NYC trip.  #2 is going to be about babies in first class because I like to complain.

So...for Kim's birthday, our friend Tom gave us a couple guest upgrade passes for our return trip home from NYC.  Tom flies a bazillion miles each year.  Because of his status, he gets a certain amount of guest upgrades.

(Aside: my time at Climate saw me make it to Alaska MVP's pretty darn rad, IMHO).

Kim and I were very much looking forward to our 6+ hour flight home to Seattle seated in First Class.

That is, until we saw the family of 4 take their three seats in first class.  Mom, a toddler and an infant in the same row from us, across the aisle.  Dad in the window seat behind them. may have noticed.  I have a kid.  And, very soon, I will have another kid.  An infant, in fact.  Kim and I are discussing potentially flying this new kid at some point during the first year of his life.

Let me assure you...under no circumstances will we fly wi…

New York City! (get a rope)

Just got back yesterday from my very first trip EVAH to New York City.  Took Kim with me.  Primarily, I brought Kim along because it was her 40th birthday and I thought it would be rude of me to leave her behind while I was enjoying myself in the Big Apple.

You are going to get 3 posts out of this trip.  The first is this one!  A basic run down of our trip.  The 2nd is my review of Aladdin, our first official Broadway show!  Finally, a ranting piece on how annoying it is when people bring their babies into first class.

Ok, part 1: GO!

So...Kim turned 40.  Months ago (I swear, it wasn't 2 days before her birthday) I started thinking about what to do.  40 is kind of a milestone.  I mean, I know people say 50 is really the new 40 and that you don't really hit middle age until 50.  But, I think that's BS.  I know darn well that I ain't gonna live to see much past 80, even if I make it that far.  So, let's stick with 40 being "Over the hill."
I bounced arou…

Getting old sucks

In my reflections on 2016, you may have noticed that I said I am getting older, faster.  Let me shed just a little light on what the heck I meant by that.

My body does not like me so much, anymore.  I totally jacked up my back this week moving a changing table.  Granted, it was a large changing table.  But, it wasn't particularly heavy.  Still, somehow, while loading it into the hatchback, I threw something out.  Like legit threw it out.  Not a "ugh, my back hurts" kinda threw it out.  A "OMG!  I CAN'T MOVE!  I can't sit down!!!  I'm going to die!!!" kinda threw it out.

To emphasize how much pain I was in, I actually went to see a chiropractor.

I believe it was Ross Gellar who once said that Chiropractors go to the Community College of medical school.  I've just never understood why I need to pay someone hundreds of dollars to jump on my back.

Anyway, went to the chiropractor.  He jumped on my back.  Slowly, it got better.  Didn't fully g…

Just chatted with someone impacted by the travel ban

I just had a conversation with a fellow Amazon employee about the Trump Travel Ban.

As part of my job, I get to highlight stories of people at Amazon.  It's one of my favorite parts.  Interacting with employees and learning about how they got where they are and what they're most excited for next.

One question I always ask is, "What is something that makes you proud to work at Amazon."

Her answer to that invoked the travel ban.

Her highlight was the number of people from the company that reached out to her to offer their support.  People she hasn't worked with in years.  Her boss's boss from 2013, for example.

She says that, because of this ban, she is unable to see her family.  She can't return to Iran (she doesn't yet have her Green Card, but she's working on it) and her family can't come to the United States.  Oh, she also has a 2 year old son (an American citizen).

I live in Washington.  My family is in Arizona.  My mom visits about twic…

Our Baby Registry!

Here it is!

Oh, and I just learned that the nursery colors are Navy, Grey, Mint and White.

This registry is important for a few reasons. One...when people ask, what do you need, we can send them here!

Also...when certain people *cough*grandma*cough* discover an adorable little baby safe lava lamp or a collection of Elmo In Grouchland collector edition lithographs, we can point them to this and say, "We only need stuff on our list, please."

Poor Kim.  Kim doesn't like "stuff."  She doesn't like clutter of any kind.  She says her goal is to have a "minimalist baby."

I responded with "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

So far, I have purchased a onesie set in Griffindor colors that says "Snuggle This Muggle," another with a Stormtrooper logo that says "Storm Pooper."  And a knit greet hat with Yoda ears.  Kid needs to stay warm, right?

Jason's view on Trump's Supreme Court Pick

Since I know you all are totally wondering!

Ok...first of all, how do I feel about the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court?

As a nomination, I don't have any problem with it.  I am a Constitutionalist in that I don't believe in the "living, breathing document" point of view that many liberals hold.  I maintain that the Constitution was drafted in a way that makes it changeable.  Therefore, if you don't like something, change it.  The amendment process isn't easy.  Nor should it be.  But it is possible and it has been done when circumstances warrant.  With the limited info that I have read on this guy, so seems like he's someone I can get behind.

Hobby Lobby is a significant case in his portfolio.  I support his decision.  I don't think there is a fundamental right to birth control.  I don't oppose birth control.  I don't agree with the Catholic Church's position on it. If you want to use it, use it.  I have.  But, I do…