Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finding out the Sex?

Just so there is no suspense, here...we will be finding out the sex of little Starbuck. In fact...we'll be finding out in about 4 more weeks.

There are 2 questions that are asked by almost everyone once they find out we're pregnant. They always say Congrats. Then they ask, "How far along are you?" and "Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?"

(Actually...they usually ask, "Are you going to find out what your having?" to which the reply is, "Weren't you listening? We're having a baby.")

Anyway...we knew right away that we would want to know. I mean, how else can you plan how to decorate the room, what kind of clothes to buy, whether we need to stock up on Barbies or guns.

Now, this is where all my Seattle friends say, "You should let your child guide his own sexual identity. You shouldn't encourage total boy or girl behaviours." To which I will respond, "Stuff it, Hippie."

A couple family members have given us grief saying that this is the big surprise of having a kid. I hate to break it to everyone...but the big surprise was the pee stick with the plus sign.

So...what are your thoughts, here. If you've had a kid, did you find out before hand? Why or why not? Were you satisfied that you did what you did?

To me...this gives us a chance to start bonding early. At least from our end...maybe it's even a bit more for me to bond as I don't get the "privilege" of having this little mooch growing inside me. I figure, once we know, Starbuck becomes He or She instead of The Baby or It. We can attach the name and start using it when talking to baby.

The only benefit to waiting, well...I guess it builds character.


OurFishFamily said...

My vote is to find out!!!

Anonymous said...

As a 33 week prego person who did find out, I say it didn't take away from any excitement to find out the gender. We were super excited to hear the words, "It's a boy!" You still have to wait the whole time to see if Starbuck has tons of hair, looks more like mom or dad, has a tail... so there are several suprises yet to come! :P

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