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The nursery is coming along

The walls are painted, the crib is assemled, and we've got an armoire. I think we're about half way there. The glider is on order. We bought curtains, but haven't put them up yet. Shaundar wants to put in an area rug. And...we have yet to buy a dresser/changing table. I'll try to snap some pictures and get them up to see. Shaundar did a great job with the walls. She's going for a garden theme. Shaundar was worried that the nursery will be "too adult." Some of the decorations we've been selecting fit our styles which is certainly not Elmo or Barney. But, the way I look at it, the nursery was the office. Chances are, in another year or so, it will once again be the office when Starbuck/Desmond gets moved to his big boy room on the third floor. Maybe at that point, we'll tap into Buzz Lightyear or Hot Wheels (do they still make Hot Wheels). Anyway...I'll snap some pics later and put them up for those interested. But, there

Video of the Day

This one is R rated, kinda, maybe...but, it cracks me up every time.

Now, I feel them.

The kicks are coming. And I've gotten to feel a few. It is a pretty cool, while slightly creepy feeling. At was just a couple taps that could easily have been Shaundar preparing to rip one on me. But, then I got one that didn't feel like a kick as much as Desi sticking his butt up to Shaundar's abdomen and shaking it, just for me to feel. At night, I am reading to the baby. I'm not sure how much he likes being brought in to Harry Potter at Book 7, but...I've only read that one once and wanted to give it another go. And, since I'm the dad and Starbuck can't even open his eyes, yet...he get's what I say he gets. He's pretty active at the end of the day. Either that, or he's pissed off because nobody told him Dumbledore died in Book 6.

Baby Video of the Day

This is old, but what's a blog about babies without the famous Kung Fu Baby video?

Baby Video of the Day

"Tell me Baby," by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I love the Chili Peppers.

And, the name is...

Rumpelstiltskin! I many kids have this name? For real, though...we've settled. Starbucks real name...the one that will be on his birth certificate, is: Desmond Elijah Aloysius Fredrick Jason John McCain Bradbury Pankow. But, Desmond Elijah Pankow, for short. Desmond has been the boy name that's been on the top of our lists for some time. It's a favorite of both of ours, and it's the only one we could both agree on. Shaundar liked Keiran, which I hated. We both like Galen, but decided the kid would be called Gay in school. I liked Biff. Just kidding on Biff. But, I do really like Aloysius as a middle name. I appear to be the only one in the world, however. Desmond doesn't mean much. Officially, it means "Man from South Munster." I have also seen, "Man of the World." We picked it because we like the name and it's not popular. Plus, it can easily be shortened to Des or Desi. But, then...when he's a man, it sounds very st

Did you feel that!? Did you feel that?!

We're at the point in the pregnancy where Shaundar can feel Starbuck moving around. At times, she says she can feel it from the outside, as well. So, there have been many moments of, "Give me your hand!" at which point my hand goes to her abdomen and...nada. So, I'll sit there with my hand on her belly for a few minutes. During this time, I usually have feelings mixed between, "Man, I really wish I could feel something," and, "Man, I would really like to get back to my book." I think I read somewhere that you typically can't feel baby from the outside until month 6 or 7. We're at 5, so I figure there is still some time before I'll be able to tell a kick from re-fried beans. Sleeping at night is getting more and more uncomfortable, crankiness is ensuing, and the belly is getting bigger and bigger. I think Shaundar is having some problems, too.

Video of the Day

Most likely...this is going to be my kid.

The Breast Feeding Dad

I've mentioned before, Shaundar plans to breastfeed. We've been reading up on pumps and stuff. Seems like most of what I read talks about exclusively breastfeeding. Now, I know that there are tons of families who feed their kid breast milk from the bottle. Even the Baby Bargains book that Tiffany gave us kept talking about how much money we would be saving on bottles, nipples, etc, if we breast feed. Is it just me, or does it sound like the world is chock full of lazy dads? Another book we had, on almost every page, there is a sidebar directed at dads. The one on feeding sounds like it has to convince dad that he need to feed his kid, too. Dude...feed your damn kid. You are part of this equation, too. Anyway, I keep reading about how mom will be much more tired than dad because she is the one that has to get up to feed Jr if she is breastfeeding. Buy some bottles, pump into them, and let Dad take his turn. I have this plan, that I think sounds great. But,

Baby video of the day

S'not funneeeeee.

A slight redemtion for the ultrasound people, but I still hate them.

I don't remember how much I have complained about them on blogger, but I know I have been complaining about them in person. In a nutshell...I really don't like the Obstetrix Seattle Ultrasound. We've been there 4 times. 1 was good (yesterday's), 1 was fine, and 2 were bad. I think the job off all these baby people must become routine. I think they forget what an important role they are playing in our lives and in the life of our baby. I blogged about our first visit a while back ("How long ago was your first miscarriage?") The 2nd visit was the one I say was fine. In and out. Nothing bad, but nothing exciting, either. The 3rd visit was the worst one. Talk about bad bedside manner. And, the moment we found out the sex was ridiculously unfulfilling, as well. Perhaps the moment was dull by the fact that the tech (the tech, mind you...not the doctor) made a comment that had us wondering if she just noticed a tumor on Shaundar's ovary (it wasn't, by t

Baby Video of the Day

I wish all kids had British accents. UPDATE - Looks like the parents disabled the embeding for their video (probably smart). But, you can still see it, here:

What is wrong with celebrities?

Nicole Kidman gives birth to a daughter named Sunday. WTF?

10 Big Mistakes Parents Make - from MSN

You can find the full article here . Also, look through my own commentary throughout the pasted version, below. 10 Big Mistakes Parents Make While we all love our kids, in this day and age of two working parents and insane schedules, we tend to cut corners and neglect important things. That being said, here are 10 big mistakes parents make. By Craig Playstead 1) Spoiling kids There is no doubt that parents love their kids and want them to have all the things they didn't. However, this comes at a price. A ton of well-intentioned parents have ended up spoiling their kids to such a degree that the kids aren't even happy with all the stuff they have. This causes them to never be satisfied and always want more. Junior doesn't need one more piece of crap, what he needs is some special time with his parents. Think of it this way: How will they ever be prepared for disappointment throughout their life—or learn to be thankful for anything? ( Jason : I hate spoiling. I a

Baby Picture of the Day

Someone else who wants Obama to shut up. (Oops...did I just slip into politics?)

When I'm a Dad, I promise not to...

Image off 10 versions of the same picture of my kid. You ever meet one of those new parents who just LOVE to show off pictures of their newborn. This is all fine and good. Who doesn't like to see pictures of their buddy's new tax deduction? Here's the rub. Some people will take a million pictures of their kid in a one minute span. Oh, he's making a face. Oooh, here he's making the same face, only he's looking to the left. Ooh, here he's making a different face, even though it looks almost identical to the last two, it's really not. I won't be this dad. It's okay to take a bunch of different pictures of the same event. I mean, you want to get the best one, right? What you should do, however, is figure out which one is the best one and get rid of the others. Or, at least refrain from showing off the others. People don't need to see the same face over and over again. Oh...and, we started on the nursery, today. It's been