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Mom of the Year!

In case you missed it, there is rioting in Baltimore.  Yet another young black man has died at the hands of police. 

Regardless of how you feel about the incident, I would suspect that most people would agree that rioting and looting is a horrible way to address the situation.  The owners of the stores you are demolishing didn't do anything.  The citizens didn't do anything.

Did you see the video of the jerk poking a hole in a fire hose while firefighters were trying to save a burning building?  I have high hopes for that kid's future.

Anyway...maybe you've seen this video already, maybe you haven't.  When these riots happen, I often wonder where the adults are.  Most of the people you see in videos appear to be younger.  15-19 or so.  Maybe early 20s.'s hard to tell how old this particular kid is because he's hiding his face in a ski mask.  That didn't stop his mom from finding him!!!

Check it out!

I don't think he'll be rioting agai…

Phantom of the Opera OR My First Time

At the theater, perv!

This Friday, I am taking Kim to see Phantom of the Opera.

Now, Kim is not a big theatre goer.  If I weren't around, I suspect she wouldn't go at all.  The only thing that could get her to the theatre is a steamin' hunk of a man trying to thrust some culture upon her...and, that's pretty much exactly how it first happened!

I am slightly nervous about this particular show.  Kim has really enjoyed, ummm, maybe like 1 or 2 shows I've taken her to?  Let's see..."A Christmas Story."  I think she liked that one.  What else???  Uhhhhh. 

I won't bring up the time she fell asleep during the "Book of Mormon."  I mean, I pick on her for that all the time, so I won't write about it here.

Moving on.  This post is not about taking Kim to the Phantom of the Opera.  It's about the first time I got to see Phantom of the Opera!!!!  *prepare dream sequence*

The year was 199...uhhhh...something.  1994?  I was getting my first…

Getting Married the Catholic Way

Ya'll know that I am Catholic.  And, if you don't know, you haven't been paying attention! attention!

Kim is not Catholic.  But, people seem to like her anyway.  She tags along to church with me once in a while, chats up the other folks at Desmond's, there's the fact that Fr. Jack seems to love her!  Gives her an extra special blessing when she walks up, arms folded, for Communion.

(For you heathens out there, if you are not a Catholic who has received their First Communion, you are not supposed to accept the Eucharist.  However, you may go up with your arms folded across your chest and the minister, who is not always the priest, will give you a special blessing.  It is usually little more than "The Blessing of Christ," while they touch your shoulder.  But, Fr. Jack typically stops and gives much more to Kim when she goes up.  It's all part of the master scheme to get her to convert.  But don't tell Kim that!)


Happy Fat

Here the thing that sucks about falling in love.

You get way too comfortable with the person. 

See...when Kim and I started dating, I was in fairly good shape.  I was training to run a half marathon.  I was eating healthy(ish).  And, I was sitting at a weight I was very comfortable with. 

This probably lasted until I popped the question.  Maybe not even that long.

You see, once it became clear that I was head over heels for this girl and that she felt at least partially the same, I was like, Cool!!!  Time to eat again!!!

But, it gets worse!  You see...Kim also likes to eat.  So, before, when I am like, "Hey...I want chicken wings!" I would have an inner voice that would say, "NOOOOOO!!!!! Don't eat chicken wings!  Stay healthy!!!!  Chicks don't dig fat dudes!!!"

But now...I have this fiancé who likes to eat the same shit I do.

"Hey, honey...I want chicken wings!"

"That sounds delicious, sweetheart!  Let's go get some!"


In exactly 2 months from today...

We will be back in Maui!!!

And, I am SUPER stoked!  Of course, I am stoked about getting married and junk.  But, I am also stoked for everything else!  Like the shark dive I plan to do again.

Came across this video recently.  It's a fairly fair example of what it's like in the tank.  I was still getting used to my GoPro, so it could have been better.  But, you see sharks, you see rays, and you see really big fish!  What more could you ask for???

Maui Ocean Center Shark Dive from Jason Pankow on Vimeo.


This week, Des is back in school after a week off for Easter Break.  What did we do for break, you might ask?  Well...we went to Michigan!!!

We took a trip to visit Great Grandpa and Great Grandma who we haven't seen since Des was a wee 3 months old!

It was a great trip!  Great to see Grandma and Grandpa as well as Aunt Colleen, Uncle Dave, Uncle Rick, Aunt Debbie and the various offspring of the aforementioned.

But, easily the highlight was seeing Grandpa and Des interact!  Here are some pics of the journey!

We had just arrived.  Des and Great Grandpa hit it off right away.  I was super proud as Desmond typically takes a while to warm up to people.  He's spoken to Grandpa via Skype before, but this was the first time they have been together in person since Feb of 2009. 
The same night, we tought Grandpa and Great Grandpa how to play Ninja Turtle Uno. 
 We stayed at Aunt Colleen and Uncle Dave's.  Uncle Dave taught Des how to shoot a real bow and arrow.  It was good for …

Things That Make Me Smile - Gonzo Sings the Humpty Dance

Who doesn't love the Humpty Dance?  And, who doesn't love Gonzo? can love them both!!!

Hey...I've been engaged for a year.

Yup.  One year ago today, I popped the question.  Decided to get hitched again.  2 years ago today, I never would have expected to be where I am.  74 days from today, I will be married to an amazing woman.  Time flies when you're having fun!

That is all.

Good Friday

Good Friday is an important day for Christians.  For obvious reasons.  Don't worry...I will not bore you with bible readings or religious hoopla.  But, I do want to share one reflection from Fr. James Martin.  A Jesuit priest and editor of America, a Jesuit magazine.

Fr. Martin is pretty active on social media.  If you have any interest, you can find him here on Facebook and here on Twitter.  I follow him regularly.  He has written many books that you can find on Amazon.

For Good Friday, I wanted to offer you this, from Father Martin, posted via his Instagram page:

"Remember that Jesus, while fully divine, suffered as a human being.  He felt physical pain on the cross; he felt loneliness after many of the disciples left him; he even felt a sense of abandonment by God the Father.  When you pray, then, you are praying to someone who understands physical, emotional and spiritual pain.  In other words, you are praying to someone who understands you."

With Fr. Martins words,…