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Almost had it...

This morning, Desmond was super proud of himself.  He barges into my room as I am finishing getting myself ready to work.

He finished his breakfast, got his uniform on, brushed his teeth, prepped his backpack, put on his shoes and was 100% ready to go!  Normally, I am rushing him to finish after I am done getting ready.  However, today, he did everything and still had about 15 mins to spare before we had to leave.

Then...about 25ish minutes later as I dropped him off at school:

"Um, Dad...did you get my backpack?"

There's still a baby in there

Popped in for the something week ultrasound last week!  The tech confirmed that there is indeed a baby still in there!

This trip was a redo.  Owen doesn't love to pose for the camera.  So, they weren't able to get all the shots they wanted to at the last one.  Particularly the kidneys.  Last trip, there was no view of the kidneys.  Of course, to parents that means he has no kidneys and something is wrong.

But, it was just because he wouldn't get into the right position.  This last appointment, we confirmed there are kidneys.

Here are some photos for you to admire.

We brought Desmond along with us on this trip.  The tech printed out for him his very own photo.  He took it to school with him and, according to the principal, was showing everyone!  He was apparently very proud. :-)  He'll be a great big bro, me thinks.  

You should probably get a dog, first

I once had a friend tell me this:  Having a baby is like having a dog.  Only you can't crate them when you leave.

Truer words were never spoken.  Saw this today and found it pretty funny.

Conversation Pieces - To Be (sick) or Not to Be (sick)

The scene: Living room of the Pank.  Desmond has been sick for about 5 days.  We skipped out on Disneyland and spent our vacation in a hotel room. It was a 3 day weekend, but Des was holding onto a nasty cough and a low grade fever on Monday, so we had decided to keep him home Tuesday. 
Monday night: 
Me: "Ok, time to get ready for bed.  I want you in bed early tonight.  You need rest. 
Desmond:  "I don't think I'm sick anymore.  I feel fine!  I don't need to go to bed early."
Me: "You must be really excited to go back to school, then."
Des: "Huh?"
Me: "If you're not sick, you can go back to school tomorrow."
Des: *cough, cough*  "I'm still sick. 

Vacationing and running and getting sick and stuff

This past weekend, we took a bit of a mini-vacation.  A while back, in an effort to inspire me to start running again to lose weight, I signed up to run the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon at Disneyland with my friend Joey.  Kim and I decided to make a little trip out of it.  Taking Des out of school for a couple days (the first school he has ever missed) and hitting up Legoland and Disneyland before running and heading back home.

Well, here's what actually went down.

First of all, I should say that the inspiration to run never really hit me.  The training I did for this half marathon was a fraction of what it should have been.  In fact, when I actually did run, I only made it to 7 miles.  To refresh your memory, a half marathon is 13.1.

Fast comes our long weekend.

Wednesday night, Kim and I pick Des up from school and head right to the airport where we find our flight is delayed.  That sucks.  But, it's not the end of the world.  However, by the time we lan…

Verizon can Bite me

Saw this article today.  Made me decide to tell everyone how mad I am at Verizon, right now.

First of all, Kim and I don't come anywhere near 200 gigs a month, so while this article doesn't apply to us, it was painfully clear that Verizon is NOT a fan of unlimited data customers.

Kim and I were on one of those grandfathered in unlimited data programs.  We didn't really need it.  But, I don't like the idea of potentially being surprised by overages.  And, since our price remained the same (in fact, when we upgraded phones a couple years ago, it would have cost us MORE to go to a limited data plan), we stuck with it.

Until recently, when I upgraded my phone.

Verizon was offering a great deal.  Upgrade my phone (to a Google Pixel) and return my old Samsung Galaxy 7 (which was only a year old) and get a monthly credit that equals the cost of the new phone.  So...basically a free Google Pixel.  While I enjoyed my Samsung, the battery life was total garbage.  And the Pixel …

Why I am mad you voted for Trump

As I have mentioned before, until recently I have identified as a Republican.  I have identified this way since High School.  My first ballot for President was cast for Bob Dole.

I live in Seattle.  I love Seattle!  It's my home, now.  Seattle does not have many Republicans.  In fact, I believe I have shared this story on the blog, the first caucus I attended in Seattle, I was the ONLY person there from my precinct.  I cast my vote for John McCain.  Meanwhile, down the street, there were hundreds from my precinct casting votes for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.  
This shows that I am used to being friendly with people with whom I disagree with politically.  My best friends are Democrats.  
So, it's funny that, now, as I find myself in disagreement, not only is it with people whom I share many ideals...but, I disagree with them in a way that is more vehement than I have ever disagreed before. 
I disagree with people all the time.  Seattle, remember.  We elected an open Socia…

First Reconciliation - My how things have changed

Next month, Desmond will celebrate his first Reconciliation at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

One of the advantages of attending Catholic school is that this is all part of the curriculum.  We don't need to send him to special CCD classes.  There are a few additional Sunday meetings, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to the years of after school sessions my mom sent me to.

A part of Desmond's journey that I have enjoyed, however, is the parental involvement.  I honestly don't remember if my parents were involved in my first sacraments (outside of baptism, obviously) in the way that the Church is making us participate.  But, I have been grateful for the experience and the refreshers.  At first, I may have groaned a bit (UGH...I already did all this 25 years ago!).  But, I have actually found it pretty enlightening.

Mostly in regards to how Confession/Reconciliation has changed.

Or...rather, how it should have been at Our Lady of the Lake when I was growing up.  Turns out a…