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Getting Caught is not the same as Coming Out

I frequent the Huffington Post.  It often pushes my buttons because I frequently disagree with what is posted there.  Not always.  Maybe not even most of the time.  But, often.

Here is one of those article that pushes my buttons.

The headline that drew me to the article (not the actual article headline, but the headline of the link that drew me there) was "The Amazing Way This Woman Reacted When Her Husband Came Out as Gay."

Now, to be clear, before I get started, this is not a post about him being gay.  I am 100% pro-gay.  Those of you that know me know this.

This is a post about how it shouldn't matter if he's gay or straight or criss-cross. 

In the article, the wife (they are married with children) discovers that her husband has been carrying on an email relationship with a dude.  She had suspected that he was gay for a year, she says.  These emails confirmed it…