Monday, May 5, 2008

Ultrasound - Round 2

So...first of all, I think we are a little irritated at our doc, again. We didn't want to do the genetic testing...but, I think we just did it.

But, that's another blog, and I'm not positive that's the case, yet. Although, ultrasound with blood test is supposed to be the way it's done without doing the amneo whosawhatsis.

I'm not a doctor nor am I am ultrasound technician. But, I have concluded that I think the first thing any ultrasound person should do is check the heartbeat. Show the parents that baby is still alive and kicking. It seems like they check the entire abdominal region before they look at baby. I understand why they need to do this, and it's cool that they do it first...but, just give us a little zoom in on little Starbuck so we know he/she's still doing his/her thing.'s ultrasound was pretty much the same. We got a few more pictures, but they really don't look that different.

Neat things about this one was they they took a little more time exploring Starbuck...who was much more active today, too, by the way. We got to see both little arms and both little legs (froggy style). Saw the heart again. I was telling Shaundar that I thought I saw a third, much smaller leg in between the frog legs. But, it could have just been dirt on the screen. (FYI, I am completely indifferent as to a boy or girl, but Shaundar wants a girl...I just want a kid healthy enough to play professional baseball and help cover my retirement).

I can already tell that Starbuck is going to look a lot like his/her dad. How can I tell this? Easy...he/she already has a big head and a beer belly.

I'll upload the pictures later when I am at my scanner.

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eugenia said...

You are so going to be an awesome dad - worry wart and all :o)

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