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Trip to LHC

Went back to AZ for the holidays.  Leave tomorrow.  I'm not allowed to help pack because Shaundar is what the French call "Anal."  So, I'll post some pictures.

These are most of the good ones from my camera.  Flashes were going the entire trip, so if you got some good ones, let me know.

Plane Ride!
"P-P-P-Poker Face, P-P-Poker Face"

Playing with Mason
Eating at his very own little table.

Uncle Steve

Mason and Ryan

Mason and Des
With some homeless guy
Opening presents with Mommy
More playing with Mason
Presents on Christmas Day

With Grandma Pankow who I'm sure will love that I am using this pic. But, it's the only one I have.  If somebody got a better one, send it my way. With Uncle George
Grandma Kathy and Aunt Jennie
Hugs for Grandma Kathy
I have titled this one "Rabbit Between a Tire and a Hose" $450, if you want a print.
Des was having a blast putting rocks onto bigger rocks.

Time for an intervention?

Desi is learning new words.  I was talking about them in an earlier post.  Some new ones are Caligula (sp?) and this morning he said Ninja.

But...he's got some real words, too.  Among them are Yellow (Yell-la), Blue (Boo), Lights on (La-La), Thank you (La-La) and Daddy is the coolest dude in the entire universe (La-La). 

His favorite word, however, is also his favorite thing to eat in the world. 


Either that...or he's racist toward white folk.

I'm not sure if the addiction began when he learned to say the word or if he learned to say the word because he was an addict.  I imagine that it could be trial and error.  I'll keep making noises until I get close to something that makes them bring me that crunchy goodness.  Oh, Look!  I put these two noises together (Ca-Ca) and they get all gooey and excited and they bring me my favorite thing.  I'll have to keep doing this.

Anyway...first thing in the morning, right after milk, "Ca-Ca."  First thing…

PEPS Birthday Party

Our PEPS group got together, today, to celebrate all of our babies birthdays!  Since all of them were born within a month of each other, it was only fitting.  The party was held at the Seattle Aquarium.  We hung out in a conference room where Sammie the Sea Lion came to visit followed by some starfish for petting.  After that, we had some birthday cake and purused the aquarium. 

Following that, Shaundar and I hung out with our pals and fellow PEPS parents, Tom and Jodie and their son Braden.  Here are the pics.

Upon arrival of Sammie the Sea Lion

Touch Tank

Jodie made these cute little picture boxes for all the kids.

Blowing out his candle. I realized today, that he's done this 3 times, now. I think we're done.

It's hard to see, but there are jelly fish in the tank.

Desi, Braden and an octopus.

Same picture, but with flash. I can't take very good pictures in low light.

This fish wouldn't stop staring at Desmond. (upper right)

He's supposed to be a Jelly Fish.

With Br…

Random nothings

Nothing exciting to this post.  The first pic is Desi looking at all the people at the MS Halloween event in my building.  The second is the service award I just received for 5 years at Microsoft.