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If you don't love Baby Yoda, you are dead to me!

I hope everyone is watching The Madalorian.  You don't even have to be a Star Wars fun.  Just watch it for one thing:  Baby Yoda. I've been saying for a while, Baby Yoda = Owen Francis.  He doesn't listen, he's a bit sassy, and he's really damn cute. I've been loving the fan made movies involving Baby Yoda.  Here's one that I just found that is AMAZING and TOTALLY Owen Francis. Enjoy.

Check out this dog

So...we did something I wondered if we would ever do.  We got a freakin' dog!!! Allow me to introduce to you...Bernadette Peters Pankow! Here's the story. Everyone knows that Quincy Pants was my boy.  I won't lie...I still miss that dog.  But, let's be real.  Blind, deaf, allergic to humans...he was high maintenance.  So, when he passed away, not only did I need time to mourn my best buddy...but, we needed a break. Also, there's the little fact that dogs are messy and my wife is a neat freak. It's been at least a year, probably a bit more, that I have been not-so-subtlety hinting that I would like to get a new pup.  Desmond, as well, has been asking when the time will come.  And Owen...well, this kid LOVES puppies. I'm not sure when exactly it happened, but at some point, Kim started expressing an interest in Doodle breeds.  Now...I have never really liked Doodles.  I don't like the course fur (but, the no-shedding is a major plus for Kim)