Friday, June 19, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Off to Hawaii...and Matrimony!

This morning, I depart for the beautiful island of Maui.  I am traveling with my fiancĂ© and my son.  While I am there, however, I plan to ditch the fiancĂ© and come home with a wife!   

If you want to follow the shenanigans on Instagram, you can.  Simply follow the hashtag #PankowEverAfter.

If you want to buy us a gift.  Don't!  Just give us money. :-)  That way, you don't have to wonder what we want.  You can do that here:

If you want to steal one of us away from the other, you are welcome to assuming your name is Jennifer Lawrence (for Jason) or Jason Bateman (for Kim). 

Otherwise...I may post periodically while I am there.  But, most likely I will just put up one big post when we get back. 


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kingergarten comes to an end!

Well, phase 1 of 13+ of what I like to call "Desmond Gets Edumacated" is complete!  Kindergarten has come to an end!

The end of school was celebrated with mass, a dance, playground time and that's about it!  Here are some pics:
End of school mass!
Huey, Dewey and Louie...aka Wyatt, Desmond and Braden. Kindergarten buddies/troublemakers.  
Desmond and Ms. Zbaracki, the saint who put up with his antics and got him ready for 1st Grade.

Two ridiculously good looking dudes. are a couple videos captured by The Great Jodie O'Toole (TGJO'T).

Here's what I learned from Kindergarten. 
  • My kid is SMRT...I mean, SMART!  I knew he was smart, but he's smarter than I think Kindergartners should be.  He catches me off guard sometimes.  Part of that, I think, is that he is learning things I don't remember learning in Kindergarten.  But, I am often pleasantly surprised. 
  • Volunteering is fun! But, also very time consuming.
  • Moms wear yoga pants a lot...but, don't actually go to the gym.
  • The 6th grade teacher has a lot of MILFs checking him out every morning.
  • New group of friends = new people to invite to hangouts and parties.
  • I have no idea how to help with Math.
That's about it. 1st grade, next year!  Mrs. Gazewood. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile - Dogs and Fireworks

Not all dogs cower when fireworks go off, apparently. 

Happy 4th of July From...A Wiener Dog
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Only 9 Days of Kindergarten left!

OMG!  It's hard to believe.  I almost have a first grader.  It feels like only a couple days ago that I was uploading this post. 

We just got Desmond's class picture. 

Sorry for the poor cropping.  I just took a photo of a photo.  Haven't actually scanned it, yet. 

But, this picture helped to validate something for me:  school uniforms are awesome!  I mean, look how adorbs this kids are!  And, not once did I ever hear about how so-and-so has this awesome shirt or these amazing shoes!  It's perfect! 

Ms. Zbaracki and Mrs. Morley have been great!  Desmond has been a handful, I am sure.  And, I know Ms. Z can sometimes be strict.  But, I think that it's been a good combo.  She has really helped to prepare him for what to expect in 1st grade and beyond.  And, I am grateful! 

9 days left.  Judas Priest!  Soon he'll be driving.

I can't NOT chime in on this Supreme Court thing

So, it's no secret on this page that I am rapidly pro-life.  I don't beat around the bush on this topic.  But, what you may not know...