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Frederick Pankow - Lifelong Educator and GREAT Grandpa

We lost a great great man, today.  My grandpa, Fred Pankow.

I have many memories of my grandpa.  I spent most summers with him and Grandma in Michigan when I was younger.  I didn't get out there nearly as much as I should have as an adult.  But, I still looked up to him more than any other man in my life outside of my dad. 

I could share many of those memories with you, now.  Of fishing on Lake Miramichi, of trips to Florida, Canada or Mackinac Island, of hatching ducklings, or of the many letters he sent me offering me a quarter for every spelling error I found.

Instead, I would like to present you with another story.  Grandpa loved to tell (and write) stories.  This one is my favorite.  Grandpa was a lifelong educator.  He started as a high school teacher and retired superintendent.  He even has a school named after him.

I regret that I wasn't able to have him meet Owen in person.  I will miss him.  I will miss his stories. 

Please enjoy.