Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tears, Dancing, and "Bad Dairy"

We're starting to tell a few people closest to us. Immediate family and closest friends. Reactions have been interesting.

We reached my wife's dad first. He cried...which isn't surprising as he cries at everything. Weddings, life, sappy commercials (I love my father-in-law, but it is pretty easy to make fun of him for this). We've been bugging him to visit for a while so he can see our new house. When we told his the news, he and his girlfriend were practically booking their travel online while we were on the phone.

My parents were next. Now, my mother has been bugging me to make her a grandmother practically since the day I hit puberty. Her reaction was great. It involved a shocked, "No!" followed by frustration when we told her she couldn't tell people yet, followed by what my dad described as dancing in the living room.

My wife's sister was third. They were talking on speaker phone, so I got to hear the conversation. My wife and her little sister have had a strained relationship of sorts simply because they are very different people who took different paths. Her sister has had 2 children at this point, ages 1 and 3, if I remember correctly. I think they were able to bond a bit over this.

Next was my mother-in-law. She is happy for us, as well.

Now...we've got some family members up here that we decided to let in on the news as we see them frequently and they will probably figure it out on their own. So, we chose to let them in on it as well.

My cousin was first. She and I took our dogs to the park yesterday. As we were driving, I mentioned that we had to spend some time in the doctor's office the day before. Here is how the conversation went:

Cousin: "I hope everything is okay."

Me: "Well...[wife] appears to have caught some kind of parasite."

Cousin: "Oh that why she's been losing weight?"

Me: "Actually, no. This parasite will probably make her bigger."

Cousin: weird face..."Bigger? Well, how did she get it?"

Me: "I think I may have given it to her."

Cousin: really weird face..."What?" silence..."I guess I'll have to Google it." More silence..."What, did you give her some bad dairy, or something?"

"Bad dairy? What?"

Anyway, after a while she finally got it.

We will continue telling some of our closest friends. Basically, should something happen, we don't want a ton of people that we are only kinda friends or even just acquaintances with coming up and saying, "I heard your wife is pregnant."

Happy Easter, by the way. God Bless you and your family.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oh, Hell No!

Hi name is Jason. And, yesterday, the doctor confirmed to my wife and I that we are going to be parents. This will be our first child and we are...ummm...what would be the proper description? Freaked out! And, excited, at the same time.

Obviously, this is all new to us. My wife took the at home test (you know...the one with the fancy commercial with the stream of "water" splashing onto the little strip on something or other?) on Wednesday. Doc confirmed on Friday. We are going to be parents.

Over the last few days, many thoughts have gone through our minds. Some of these thoughts are obvious (which room will be the nursery?), some are things that we've not really thought of (do you know how much daycare costs), and some are...well, just stupid (where does the milk come from, cuz I don't see any holes in your nipples?).

My goal for this site is to, essentially, write about my experiences as the dad to be. It's a place for me to share my thoughts on what the F#&% is going on with us (me, my wife, and Jason Jr.), and a way for me to process, as well. Since we are still in the "danger zone," my plan it to keep this site anonymous, for now. We've told a select few people close to us, but we want to wait until we pass the first trimester before we make this news public. Down the road, I'll probably start throwing out some names and pictures.

This won't be some froofy journal. I plan to keep it real. If I am sick of making midnight cheesecake runs, I'll write about it. But, I will also be writing about how, in just these last few days, I have come to appreciate the beauty and the miracle that life really is. that that little intro is out of the may be wondering what's up with the title of this post.

I'll just throw it right out there. This pregnancy is not planned. I am 30, my wife is 27. We're both still moving our way up the proverbial corporate ladder. She's been on the pill, and when we're in that tricky period, we strap on the raincoat.

Except for this one time.

All it takes is one.

My wife was explaining to me how she just felt different. She "hit a wall" and was very tired all the time. She's been crampy, and her stomach felt like she just did 100 crunches (which she didn't do). When she missed her period, she decided to buy one of the generic home pregnancy tests from Walgreens. It showed up with a plus sign and my wife verbally exclaimed, to nobody but herself and the cat, "Oh, Hell No!"

She didn't totally believe the test as the plus sigh was a little fuzzy. So, she sent me to buy her a new one, but not the generic one, this time. Sure enough, and a little more clearly, this one said, "Pregnant."




What do we do now?

Well...I guess we have a baby.

So, we're new in the process, we've known for about 3 days. I will tell you how it goes from here. We bought some books today, as neither of us like to be surprised. For some reason, I feel we will be anyway. But, it starts here.

I can't NOT chime in on this Supreme Court thing

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