Monday, December 31, 2012

Things I learned in 2012

First of all, this has easily been the worst year of my life.  Unwanted changes.  A lost marriage.  Shitty news.  Blah!  This year sucked!

But, I learned some things.  Here are the top 10 lessons I am taking away from 2012.

  1. Don't take anything for granted.  Ever.  When you do, that's when you will lose it.
  2. Friends are priceless.  When you need them, you quickly learn who you can trust most.
  3. It doesn't matter how lame my jokes are, my son thinks I am the funniest person in the world and that makes me happy!
  4. It doesn't matter how funny I son is funnier.  The stuff that comes out of that kids mouth would make Judge Judy laugh.
  5. Life isn't fair.  People aren't fair.  What's important is what you do about it.
  6. Friends can be closer than family. 
  7. Seattle CAN have a sports franchise to get excited about!  GO SEAHAWKS!!!
  8. Real books are better than e-books.
  9. Running sucks, but it can improve your mood.
  10. Life is amazing. 
I am anxious for 2013.  I am starting a new chapter in this life o' mine.  I am anxious to see what happens next.

Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

So, now what?

A little about me for those who don't know me or those who have forgotten.

I am a dude.  Meaning I am not a chick. 

I like politics and will probably talk about them frequently.  If you're looking for a Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow type, you won't find that person here, though.  I am more of a...ummm...well, I can't even think of who I am.  I am a right leaning moderate.  I support both gay rights and gun rights.  I oppose both abortion and the death penalty.  I believe in less government, but in enough government to help our citizens who need it...but, only to help them get back on their feet, not provide for them forever.

I am a Catholic...but, I am a very "American" Catholic.  I get pissed when the Church implies that I am going to hell because I think gay people are A-Okay and loved by God just as much as me.  Maybe even more so.  I think priest should be allowed to marry and I think women should be allowed to be ordained.

I am a dad and I suspect this will take up a VERY large chuck of my blogging.

I am an HR guy in the technology sector.  I have been a recruiter for 12 years and I have only recently moved into a Program Management position where I essentially work on programs to make recruiting easier for those doing it.  It's basically the essence of middle management.  But, the productive kind. :-)

I have a dog that is allergic to people.  Like...really.  Human dander.  Gives him a nasty rash.

I also have a cat...but she's not very exciting.

I like beer.  A lot.  You know how some people are wine snobs or coffee snobs.  I am a beer snob.  I don't drink Bud or Coors or any domestic crap.  And, I will act all self righteous toward those who do.  That beer sucks, man.

Ummm...I like video games.  I'm actually only about 12 years old.

And...I like to write.  I actually really enjoy it.  I have been told that I am not bad, too.  I just need to overcome this 2 year stint of writers block I've been facing.

That's all for now.  Enjoy your weekends!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Upward and Onward

Many moons ago, I kept a personal anonymous blog.  I used it as a venting place.  Could have been politics, religion, entertainment, Harry Potter, Lost, morning commute...basically, anything that I wanted to talk about.

I am finding the urge to do that, again.  However...I also want to get back to blogging about life, like I did a bit in this blog.  So...I am changing this page up a little.  I am giving it a new name, a new address, and a new feel.

For anyone who wants to see mostly pictures of Desi, I recommend you find me on Facebook.  I will still put them here.  But, no longer as a spot to simply put pictures.  I am using Facebook and Skydrive for that.  This will officially be my blogging page.

Everything is 100% me.  Nothing I post is from Microsoft or represents the company or brands I work for.  HOWEVER...I may occasionally post about things relevant to what I do!  I will likely keep my recruiting/HR related posts regulated to Fistful of Talent.  Here, however...I may take the opportunity, however, to gloat about things like how Xbox recently kicked the crap out of the new Nintendo Wii-U in Black Friday Sales!!!  That is me saying that...not my company.

I will also talk politics, so watch out!  If you don't like to hear people talk politics, go away.  I am not a right wing or left wing nutjob.  Believe it or not, I am actually pretty smart and down right moderate (although, I do lean right).  I like a good conversation.  I HATE people that can't think for themselves and just tow the party line.

I will talk about the mundane.  I meant it when I mentioned the morning commute.  One of my most popular posts on my previous site involved how I hate seeing people use babies to ride in the carpool lane.  Even as a dad, I still hate that.  Although...I admit I have made a hypocrite of myself at least once. 

Anyway...if you're interested, stay around.  If you're not, that's fine.  This is for me.  I like to write. :-) 

See you again, soon!!!

Happy New Year from Winnie the Pooh, Ninja Assassin!

Whoa...this is an awesome post title that I have had saved for over a year.  Wish I remembered what the content was.

This blog needs a reboot

Stay tuned.  Many life changes and a renewed desire to blog more.  Going to make this my all up go to page for everything.  Still parenting adventures.  But, also my opinionated rants and raves about just about anything I can think of. 

New title coming.  New URL as well. 

I can't NOT chime in on this Supreme Court thing

So, it's no secret on this page that I am rapidly pro-life.  I don't beat around the bush on this topic.  But, what you may not know...