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If you don't love Baby Yoda, you are dead to me!

I hope everyone is watching The Madalorian.  You don't even have to be a Star Wars fun.  Just watch it for one thing:  Baby Yoda.

I've been saying for a while, Baby Yoda = Owen Francis.  He doesn't listen, he's a bit sassy, and he's really damn cute.

I've been loving the fan made movies involving Baby Yoda.  Here's one that I just found that is AMAZING and TOTALLY Owen Francis.


Check out this dog

So...we did something I wondered if we would ever do.  We got a freakin' dog!!!

Allow me to introduce to you...Bernadette Peters Pankow!

Here's the story.

Everyone knows that Quincy Pants was my boy.  I won't lie...I still miss that dog.  But, let's be real.  Blind, deaf, allergic to humans...he was high maintenance.  So, when he passed away, not only did I need time to mourn my best buddy...but, we needed a break.

Also, there's the little fact that dogs are messy and my wife is a neat freak.

It's been at least a year, probably a bit more, that I have been not-so-subtlety hinting that I would like to get a new pup.  Desmond, as well, has been asking when the time will come.  And Owen...well, this kid LOVES puppies.

I'm not sure when exactly it happened, but at some point, Kim started expressing an interest in Doodle breeds.  Now...I have never really liked Doodles.  I don't like the course fur (but, the no-shedding is a major plus for Kim) nor do I like…

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

So...I love Thanksgiving!  And, it's not just because of the food...even though I LOVE food.  Like, love it.  When I think of Thanksgiving, "Feed Me, Seymore" immediately pops into my head.

No...I love Thanksgiving because I am truly grateful for so much.  So, so much.

I am grateful for my parents.  A couple working folks who never made a ton of money but still managed to support me through 12 years of school, band, drama, and then help me go to a very expensive and life changing college.  My mom and dad are easily the biggest reason I am who and where I am, today. 

I am grateful for my wife.  She picked up a broken guy (more broken than I probably let on when we started dating) and made me her husband.  She lifts me up with her smiles, her encouragement and her daily love.  She fuels me every day and I don't thank her nearly as much as I should.

I am thankful for my boys.  Desmond and Owen...the reasons I do anything.  I have been blessed with boys who make me remar…

Let's talk about Mr. Owen

So...I was sitting around recently, reflecting on, I don't reflection, when I realized something:  Owen Francis has really gotten the shaft when it comes to my blog.  When Desmond was born, I was blogging all the time about him.  Oooh, he rolled over!  Ooooh...something about poop.  Oooh...look how cute he is when he burps.

But, Owen hasn't gotten that treatment.  It's not because he's not's because I am older and much more tired.

So, I would like to take a moment to talk about my 2nd youngest.  Mr. Owen Francis.

Owen is Sassy!  He is the kid that will look at you before he messes with the remote control just to make sure you see what he's doing.  Then...when to try to take it away, he will run away!!!  And...he's make sure to quickly put something between you and him (like the couch or coffee table) to make it even harder to catch him. He is a daredevil.  He loves to climb.  Forget the kiddie playground at the park.  He wa…

Jason gets religious - reflecting on the humanity of Jesus

So...this is going to be a religious post.  If you don't like reading about Jesus or about what one thinks about Jesus, stop here.  I'm not here to goal is not to convert people with my blog.  Just reflections from a dude like me.

I've upped my prayer game during this Lent.  I mentioned in my last post that I am trying to pray more.  It's been nice.  Life has been trying at times, recently.  Don't take that last sentence wrong.  My life is still great and feel very lucky.'s thrown some challenges our way.  And, as any human being, I often ask Why.  Boo hoo...why me?

When I think about Jesus I have a million questions.  One of the biggest ones is Why?

I have 2 sons.  I don't love anyone enough to sacrifice my sons.  Nobody.  So, I often ask why would any father "send his only son" to be tortured to death for someone else.  Especially a bunch of rather ungrateful idiots who have continued to kill each other and the ho…

Time to be jealous of me...I met Werid Al!

Ok...because you deserve it...I am going to complete this post.  Enjoy!


I have been to many concerts.  Some better than others.  But, only two have brought tears to my eyes.

The first...Sir Paul McCartney.  It was unexpected.  I was excited to see him, sure.  But, 30 seconds into his first song (8 Days a Week), I had an epiphany.  I was singing a Beatles song WITH A BEATLE!  It gave me the cries. 

The second...2 weeks ago.  When I saw Weird Al Yankovic! 

Now...don't get me wrong.  I am not comparing Weird Al to Paul McCartney.  Weird Al is definitely better than Paul McCartney. 

Ok, I jest.  However, Weird Al has easily been the most constant artist in my life since I was about 8 years old.  That's when my dad handed me a cassette tape (remember those?).  I'm not sure where he got it, but it was not an original was recorded from another tape.  On one side was the Greatest Hits of Blondie.  On the other was the Album "Dare to Be Stupid" by…

New Year...New Optimism

I didn't post much last year.  I tried a couple times.  I see a few drafts in here.  Most importantly a reflection on the passing of a personal hero: John McCain.  Also, a bragadocious post about how I met Weird Al Yankovic!  But, I never got around to finishing them.

2018 has been interesting.  I'll be's been pretty rough.  Not 2012 rough, that's for sure.  But, will not go down as one of my favorites.  Lack of sleep, stress, family issues, deaths.  All in the rear view mirror, now.

Let's look forward, now.  Here's what I am excited for in 2019!!!

VACATION!  Kim and I are taking a 10 day cruise in Feb.  With no children!!!  Don't get me wrong.  I love my boys.  But, being able to add "Sleep" and "Not needing to keep other humans alive" to my usual list of "No email, no phone calls and no commitments" is going to be very, very nice!My boys!  I feel like I gotta back up that last bullet with this one.  My…