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School or no school

So...Covid sucks.  Let's just get that out of the way. 
It's August.  School starts for my kids just after Labor Day.  So, we have about a month left.  Last we heard from OLG is that they plan to be in school IN PERSON.  I love this idea!  And, I am terrified of this idea!  
The whole open schools or not arguement...this is the bloody Kobayashi Maru.  It's freakin' Sophie's Choice.  It's Trump vs Clinton.
In other's a no-win situation. 
Kim and I are pretty realistic about this whole Covid thing.  We follow the rules.  When we were told to stay home, we stayed home.  When we were told we could go out but we should wear masks, we listened...we went out and we wore masks.  We're in a place where we like that things are opening up, but we really wish people would stop being stupid and selfish.  So much of this can be controlled if people would think less about themselves and start considering those around them.  Why do we feel this way?  Because the…

Black Lives Matter

There's a ton going on at the moment. I have a couple posts that have been sitting in draft. The one about quarantine. The one about my wife losing her job, recently. But, I haven't posted them yet because, each time I write one, something else happens and makes the previous thing seem so minor.

So, I am going to take this spot in my blog to talk about Black Lives Matter and everything happening in our world after the murder of George Floyd. Now, this is my blog, so I am going to be upfront about it, like I normally am. And, like I normally am, I am probably going to wallow somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. The place where neither side thinks I am taking the right stand. Oh well...such is the life of a true Centerist, I guess.

I'll start with George. Did you watch the video? If you didn't, you need to. It's hard. But, especially for those that are talking about how "he was on drugs" or "he shouldn't have been breaking the l…

Conversation Pieces - Penises

Ok...this post is a little PG-13.  So, if you are offended by the word PENIS...stop reading now.

The scene: Early Evening.  I am in the shower.  The bathroom door is a sliding barn door.  It does not lock.  Owen barges in...a common occurrence.

Owen: "Daddy has penis!

Me:  "Yup...I do.  Now, get out."

Owen:  "I have penis, too!"

Me: "Yup...we both have penises.  We are both boys.  Now, leave."

Owen:  "I have little penis."

Me:  "...."

Owen: "Daddy has *in a deep voice* BIG PENIS!"

Me: "Yup.  Agreed.  Go tell your mom."


2019 highlights!

Life, as always, was very blessed in 2019.  Here are some highlights!!

January Nothing really happened in January.  So, here's a picture of Owen with his Moses stick. 

February Kimmy and I took kidless vacation.  A 10! day cruise of the Caribbean. I hope we can do it again sometime.  I love this woman!  

March Desmond's 4th Grade Volleyball team finished the season UNDEFEATED! 

What kind of year will 2020 be?

I am curious about this year.  I try to begin each year with a sense of optimism.  It's a new chapter!  We are free to write whatever we want into it.

This year feels different.  I'm not saying I am not optimistic.  Maybe cautious is the better word.  Certainly curious.

I think back to 2016 when Trump was elected (yes...this will probably get a bit political).  Prior to that, we all thought things were bad.  Remember how much everyone hated George W. Bush???  "WORST PRESIDENT EVER" shouted liberal ignoramuses.

Then Barack Obama shows up.  I didn't vote for him either time.  But, you know what...he was fine.  Obviously, I don't share the same political belief system.  But, I think I share many other things.  We're both dads, we love our families, we want to do what's right for others.

And, while he was there...all the schmucks on the right, the folks that got tired of hearing about how stupid they were for supporting President Bush, the fought back.  A…