Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Breast feeding and stuff.

Caught this article on MSNBC today, so I thought I would write about it:

Also, if you want to see my opinions of Breast Feeding in public, I wrote about that long ago on my other blog:!D83E8CBE0BAF6598!625.entry

Anyway...breast feeding is good, according to all the studies. At this point, Shaundar says she will be breastfeeding, and she says I can watch. Of course, recently, she said that if her boobs keep hurting the way they are now, it will be hard.

This is another reason why I am glad I am a dude. I don't have to worry about sore knockers.

I am curious why there is such a discrepancy among mothers who breast feed. I mean, I know women who have not done it at all, and I know women who have done it until the kid was 3.

Then, if women do breast feed, what is the magic age when you're supposed to stop? I've heard 6 months, 1 year, a year and a half.

To me, breast feeding seems like a beautiful way to be able to bond with your child and pass on much needed nutrients that can't come from formula. Now, with that said...would I want to do it? Absolutely not. Did I mention I'm glad I'm a dude?

That's about all I have, really. I just like to have a reason to be able to talk about boobs and not get in trouble.

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