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Why I Won't Vote for Donald Trump

Um...because he's Donald Trump.  Do I really need another reason?

Why I won't vote for Chris Christie

Ok...I will admit at the top that this is probably a stupid reason not to vote for someone.  But, here goes.  I won't vote for Chris Christie for president because of this:

That's right...I won't vote for Chris Christie because he's a Cowboys fan.

This is particularly disappointing for me as, 4 years ago, I was convinced Christie would be my candidate.  I loved his politics, I loved the way he stood up to special interests (especially the Teachers' Union), and I just generally liked his way of dealing with the stupidity that is often the American political system.

Bridgegate came up and I didn't care!  Was he involved?  Maybe.  But, so what. Minor in the grand scheme of things. 

But, this Cowboys thing.  I can't get past this. 

If he were from Dallas, that would be one thing.  If it were another team besides the Cowboys, that would be another.  You see, you can support your childhood team if you grew up away from home.  I still think it's bad taste…

Where did this brat come from????

My kid is a huge negative nelly, recently.  Like, HUGE!  He complains about everything. 

Ever since summer started, he's seemed to get more and more bratty.  We had a great trip to Hawaii.  At one point, he was so super sweet, he was even talking about how much he loved the beauty of the islands.  What 6 year old talks about the beauty of the islands? 

Then, we get back and he gets to spend a week with Grandma.  No parents to say No to McDonalds or a new lego set.  Just Grandma doing what she does him every thing he wants.

Followed by another vacation!  10 days with mom touring beautiful nature spots like Yellowstone, Crater Lake and the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota.  Actually, I think that one was closed when they got there.

Hiking, swimming, smiling!  He came back with a  ton of stories.

Then, he gets back home and BOOM!  Capitan Crabby Pants.

This weekend, he wanted to make "Smoothie Ice Cream Cones," a snack he learned from school.  Unfortun…

Island Wedding Memories RULES!!! Yelp SUCKS!!!

Getting hitched in Maui isn't easy when you live in Seattle.  Therefore, having a wedding coordinator on site is pretty essential. 

The coordinator Kim found, Leah Robb from Island Wedding Memories, was rad!  Here is the review I posted on Yelp:

I just got hitched in Maui last month.  The day was simply perfect.  In every way.

The main reason for the perfection was Leah Robb.

Obviously, planning a wedding from across an ocean is difficult, so we knew pretty early that we needed a coordinator.  My (now) wife found Leah through a referral.  Where we had previously been doing a ton of our own research and were going into a destination wedding knowing very little, Leah was quick to identify our needs and guide us through our process.

Her first, and easily her best, recommendation was the wedding site.  Had it not been for Leah, we would have never found our site.  And, it was amazing.  So amazing, that my wife barred me from posting pictures before the ceremony because she wanted a br…

Pardon my anxiety...please pass the Xanex.

So...I've been living with anxiety for a few years now.  Honestly, it all started during my divorce and has never really gone away.  I stress about everything. 

After a few very uncomfortable and unwelcome panic attacks, I finally went to the doctor for some meds.  I don't like brain meds.  Never have.  But, when you break out into a cold, dripping sweat giving a presentation you have given 10x before to a room of college students, you know it's time to do something. 

Kim came onto the scene after the anxiety started but before I was on the meds.  So, she's gotten to see all sides of it.  In fact, it was being with her that made me realize something was wrong.  It wasn't natural that I couldn't sleep at night because she was friends on Facebook with an ex.  Or because she said something that was completely normal but that something in the back of my mind meant she didn't actually love me and was only settling for me because she couldn't find something…

Why I won't vote for Rick Perry

I started this back when Rick Perry announced he was running for President.  Kinda late now, but whatever.

I will never vote for Rick Perry for anything.  There are multiple reasons, but all I need is one.  And that one is this video:

Why, you may ask?  Simple. 

"You don't need to be in the pew every Sunday to know that there's something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military, but our kids can't openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school."

Ummmm...our kids can openly celebrate Christmas AND pray in school. However, religious celebrations can't be mandated by the school so as to not alienate the non-Christians or the non-praying students.  But, that's not the real issue.

But, that's not the real issue.

The issue isn't even that he's basically coming out against gays.  People do that all the time.  I don't like it, but, depending on their other stands on the issues, by itself it's not a deal breaker for m…

Oh hey...I'm married

Got married, recently.  But, you probably knew that.  I suppose you would like to see pictures.  Well, you'll have to wait.  Right now, my new wife is making me clean the garage.  Who does she think she is? 

Here's one to tide you over.  More forthcoming in the near future.  Patience!