Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The name game...for real

We've been talking names since practically the day after we found out we were having a kid. We're about settled on names, at this point.

For girls, we're set on the first name. We're still discussing a middle name.

For boys, we're about there. We've got a couple choices, but one seems to be the favorite. Middle name is still way up in the air for boys.

Picking a name is kinda fun. We had a few rules that go into our name picking:

It has to be unique, but not unheard of or made up. The "Unique" name has been very popular lately, which means that most names that used to be unique, aren't any longer. For instance...Gabriel used to be one of our favorites for boys, and a couple years ago, you didn't hear it very often. However...the Social Security Administration lists it as #28 most popular name for 2007 in the US.

Next: I am not a fan of the androgynous name. I don't want to name my kid Cody or Jamie or anything that can be for a boy or a girl. I just don't really like that.

Third: No namesakes. At least not in the first name. We have too many family members that are important to us. I think we'll consider it for middle names, but probably not even then.

No names that would give the kid weird initials. There aren't a heck of a lot of weird combos that end in P...but, I would hate having SAP or something.

Nothing Hippie. Not Star or Summer or Apple or Willow or River or Marijuana.

So...now that you know the rules, the names we've decided on are......

Secret. We'll tell you later. :-)

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OurFishFamily said...

I can't wait to hear what the name choices are!!! :)

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