Monday, April 21, 2008

Why, again, wasn't there an ultrasound? I am a little concerned that we didn't get any kind of ultrasound. I just found out about another friend who is pregnant, 2 weeks behind us, and, as appears apparent with most people I've spoken to who are or have been pregnant, there is at least an ultrasound to find the heartbeat at this point.

I've heard about this happening as early as 6 weeks. Everyone I have spoken to has had this done before the end of the first trimester. The way we're going, our's will be at week 12. wife has been having some concerning symptoms. At our appt., the doctor said that they are normal and, as long as they don't get worse, we shouldn't worry. Still...we've never done this before. We're worried. I think it's easily something that hearing a heartbeat would help out.

Anyway...this has been concerning for me, lately. I think we're going to try to get in before our next scheduled appt, primarily for this purpose. I would like some kind of reassurance, other than pee in this cup, that our baby is doing well in there.

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