Sunday, April 27, 2008

So...what really sucks...

I'll tell you what really sucks.

I mentioned at one point that my wife has been having some worrisome symptoms. They're back.

What really sucks is this feeling of utter helplessness in what happens next. There is absolutely nothing that I can do to either increase or decrease chances of miscarriage. Basically, I just sit here and hope that everything works out okay.

She's been having some spotting here and there. The other night, it was red, which I hear is bad. It wasn't a lot, though. No heavy flows or anything. Still...we've never been here. One book says it's normal, the other says it's a sign of miscarriage. My wife is going to call the doctor tomorrow. I think we will request that ultrasound, for sure, now.

Still...I want to emphasize how much this sucks. I have no power in this. I have no control. Even if it was a sign of a potential miscarriage, all I can do is sit, watch, and pray...which I have been doing an awful lot.

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