Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's way too early for names, but...

It's so much fun to think about them. :-)

I've been dinking around online at baby name websites. My wife and I want something unique (meaning it won't appear on any Top 25 names lists), but not so unique that people can't say it. My wife's name is original, but really not that hard to say. Still...people manage to screw it up all the time.

Anyway...I was looking at "Catholic Baby Names" today. Here are some of my favorites:

Cadwallader - Some Saxon king, or something. Bet he got picked on as a kid.

Gelasius - makes me crave Jell-o.

Mercury - Is it really appropriate that a Catholic Saint is names after a Roman God?

Gottfried - As in Gilbert.

Fingar - I hear he's a good piano player.

Anastasius - It's a boy's name. Really.

and, my favorite...what I will probably have to name my kid, if he's a boy...or, at least nick-name him: Maximus.


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