Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The body pillow

Everyone recommends that the pregnant party (that would be my wife) have a body pillow to make sleeping more comfortable.

Let me tell you a little about our sleeping habits before Starbuck and the body pillow.

We have a queen size bed. We usually go to be at the same time. All is swell. Then, around midnight, or so, I realize one of my arms and one of my legs is hanging off the side of the bed. This is when I say, "Honey...please move over." She will groan something in her sleep and roll over, taking most of the covers with her. I take them back and go to sleep. Sometimes, this procedure is repeated around 2 AM. Oh yeah...the dog sleeps at the foot of the bed and the cat sleeps on Shaundar's pillow.

Now...add Starbuck and the body pillow.

Basically, now, I start the night on the leftmost third of the bed. Shaundar and the body pillow get the other 2 thirds. At about midnight, I have to reach across the body pillow to rouse my spouse before I can get myself firmly placed back onto the bed before falling off.

One thing, though. I crashed a little earlier than Shaundar, yesterday. The body pillow is actually quite comfortable. Maybe we'll have to get a 2nd one and a king size bed.

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