Sunday, April 20, 2008

Being sick sucks

So...I caught the flu or something this week.

It's been a pretty lonely experience. Beware...Boo-Hoo, Woe-is-me whininess coming up.

Since my wife is at week 9, and still very much in the danger zone, we have been trying very hard to avoid crossing paths too much. I've been regulated to the guest room and I spend most of my time either there, or up stairs on the couch watching TV. The wife either stays downstairs in the living room with the computer and/or her music, or she leaves the house all together.

That leaves a very miserable me here all by my lonesome to fend for myself.


I think I've finally turned a corner, though. I started feeling this on Wednesday. It's now Sunday, and I finally feel a little bit better. Maybe by this coming Wednesday, I'll be over it.

I think I made the dog sick, too.

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jblizard said...

Well, Dad2be, just be sure that you don't let that "not crossing paths" thing get in the way of your relationship with your wife. Remember, you will need each other more than ever now, even though you may seem to wish you could just avoid each other until it's all over! Hang in there, and hang on tight.

p.sp I saved this site to my favorites, and I hope to reply to your blogs more often.

Go D-Backs!!!!!!! :-)

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