Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Baby books

We've been buying a lot of books. "What to Expect When You're Expecting," as we expected, was gifted to us. So, we didn't buy that one.

I bought "The Everything Guide for the Father-to-Be" or something. Whatever the Everything Guide is for expecting fathers. So far...I think it's crap.

Basically...the book is constantly telling me to "be there for your partner," and "make sure you are there to support her," over and over again.

No shit, Sherlock. Here, I am looking for something to help me quit freaking out. I'm looking for guidance and how to come up with $$$ for daycare. And, what am I going to do about my psycho dog?

One line I thought was really stupid was in the section on choosing whether or not to learn the sex of your baby, early. He says that most men want to have a boy. But, some men feel threatened by the possibility of having a boy, so they prefer to have a girl.


Seriously...somebody paid you for this?

Anyway...I've also been on BabyCenter.com a lot. This is a great website. Shows you what baby looks like at each week. Doctor thinks we're 7 weeks, we think we're 6 (cuz we didn't get busy 7 weeks ago). Regardless, baby is growing arms and legs, right now. Baby also has a little tail, which will go away, eventually.

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