Friday, April 11, 2008

A great way to pick up chicks... to sit in a bar during happy hour reading books about having children.

Caught happy hour today (I do loves me my Happy Hours) and, as I usually do when I drink alone, I brought my book with me. Currently, I am reading a book for dudes about pregnancy. I'm sitting at the bar, and this chick asks me, "Is your wife having a baby?"

Now...the simple answer is, "Yes," right? Unfortunately for me, and anyone I talk to, I can never give the simple answer. I have to use sarcasm. So, I say, "No...I'm just like to read books so I'm prepared should I ever get the call."


" wife's pregnant."

Anyway...apparently, chicks dig guys that would randomly be reading about having kids. Because she mentioned to me that it's a great way to attract women. Read about raising children. I have a feeling somebody's biological clock is ticking, or something.

For the wedding ring was prominently displayed.

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