Monday, April 28, 2008


Well...apparently, we're all worked up over nothing. Baby is healthy. Heart's beating, he/she was flailing all over the place as the tech tried to get him/her to move for the camera. And...the due date has moved up a week.

I'm not sure if the tech and the doctor were looking at the wrong chart beforehand, or if we were really justified in our worrying. The tech asks Shaundar (that's my wife who I haven't really introduced, yet), "How far along were you when you first miscarried?" Uh, no...this is a first pregnancy.

Then, the doc (not our normal doc, but the radiologist, or whatever) comes in and says, "So, you didn't hear a heart beat last time?" Uh, no...this is our first ultrasound.

Anyway, like I speculated, I feel so much better seeing Baby. It feels more real. I'm not as worried about the symptoms. Our next one probably won't come until week 20 now. That's when we'll know boy or girl, too.
It was great actually getting to see our kid. Aw, mushy, mushy, yuck, yuck. But, was. The coolest part, which had Shaundar and I both chuckling, was during the "trying to get baby to move" stage. As in, "Move over so we can look at the other side of you." The tech had Shaundar essentially wiggle her hips. When she put the monitor back up to Shaundar's stomach, the image of Baby was literally one that involved arms and legs flailing. It's almost like to could hear the cries of, "Let me off! I'm going to be sick!"
So, now...I introduce you to Baby (name to be filled in later). These particular pics aren't as good as the action shots, but they'll do for now.


eugenia said...

Jason I can't believe these are you baby to be pics - amazing!!! Glad to hear things are going better for baby and Shaundar :o) Lots and lots of stuff to get ready for and get excited about! Yippee

Sarah, Nick, and Baby George said...

We are so excited for you!! I love to follow your stories and hear how things are going since we never get to see your beautiful faces!
Maybe we can hang soon...George is dying to meet you!
Love to you both!

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