Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We all fall down!

It was bound to happen. Every time we walk down the stairs, especially if we're holding the baby, we worry about falling., I did it. I slipped on the way down and landed on my back.

I had Desi held pretty tight, so he didn't hit the ground. However, we bonked heads pretty hard. He cried, but only for about 45 seconds. Then, he realized it was about time to eat. Still...I checked over his head for goose-eggs and told the daycare to watch out for any weird symptoms.

Shaundar, of course, was very understanding about how I was feeling about almost dropping my kid on the stairs. She consoled me by saying, "My baby better not die."

Oh...and, now, my back hurts.

1 comment:

saranazz said...

OH NO!!!! I'm sorry that is cute though!!! Thank god nothing happened, don't worry you're both still the cutest parents with the cutest freaking baby!! He's such a trooper too! ;)

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