Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bye, Grandma. Thank you!

Just dropped my mother off at the airport.

Other than gratitude for birthing me and stuff...I don't know if I have ever been more grateful to my mother.

She has been here for 7 (SEVEN) weeks. Basically, we needed someone to take care of Desmond between the time when I went back to work (Feb. 18) until he started daycare (last Wednesday). My mother was more than willing.

And, what a wonderful job she did taking care of the little rugrat. But, she went above and beyond that. The house was always clean, dinner was always on the table, and she was always another person to take the baby when Shaundar and I were going nuts. Grandma never had a problem taking Desi and keeping him occupied. We even got a "date night" out of it.

Now...Grandma is on a plane back to Arizona. I give the house about 12 hours before it's messy again.

I just prepared dinner for tomorrow (crock pot) and made a conscious effort to clean up after myself. That will probably last another day until I throw all the crap into the sink and hope the dishes do themselves. Maybe if I think this hard enough, one day they actually will.

Anyway...a big fat THANK YOU to my mother for being a ridiculously huge help to us. I don't know if we could have survived the last 2 months without her.

Now...we have to figure out how to survive the next 17 and a half years.

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Roadiee said...

just send her a plane ticket every two months... that will keep her coming back and the next 17.5 years will FLY by!!!

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